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The Gupta Programme

Does anyone have any experience of doing this programme by Ashok Gupta about retraining the Amygdala (part of our brain that is responsible for the “fight or flight” response, or the stress response).

My functional nutritionist has recommended this programme for me, but I am not sure of its true benefits.

Any insights are greatly appreciated :-)

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It's not something ive come across. Is your nutritionist medically qualified and what does your GP think?


Hi Dismal,

My nutritionist is functional medicine approach BANT registered and is very good. However I do query whether these courses do have any benefit and I suppose it is bio-individual thing! Cost is making me hestitate too!

I don't think my GP actually embraces the thinking verb ...



Ooh I see it has come down in price since last time I looked into it

My gp mentioned it to me ages ago, she wasn't endorsing it but she has another patient who has m.e who had tried it and it had helped her. I couldn't afford it at the time.

My fatigue has got a lot worse over the past year so even if it only helps a bit it would be worth it to help me cope a bit better

It's a little reassuring they offer a money back guarantee but I do struggle to understand how it works.

some of the reviews online are encouraging. I am tempted to give it a try


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I agree Jo ... I will dive more into the general online feedback and weigh it all up. Cost is causing me to hesitate as well as effectiveness ... I do wonder why CFS/ME clinics don't offer something like this if ti is beneficial! I have another appointment with my OT CFS/ME on Tuesday and will ask her for any experience of the Gupta Programme.

Best wishes :-)


Following... I came across it, found the idea very interesting but he is not medically qualified and it felt overall a bit too far in the camp of its psychological not physical for me and the marketing all a bit too salesy / pseudosciencey / miracle curey. Perhaps for a sub section where stress is the root cause it may well be especially useful. Certainly a programme of relaxation and NLP is never going to do anyone any harm.


Thank you Starry for your considered reply, I do feel cautious of falling into another purchase of something that just simply benefits their pockets and - yes! - buys into the notion that its "all in my head" (I have a few flowery words to say to that ... which cannot be published :-) ). I would love a time machine and to travel 30 -40 years hence to find out how medicine approaches our condition in the future. I know for me yoga/walking is helping as well dietary choices and supplementation.

Its helluva journey!


It sure is xx

Do let us know what your OT thinks of it.

I probably in general err a little on the cynical side of such things. Ive seen so much quakery around my other incurable condition i tend to start out suspicious.


Will do Starry! I reckon discernment is a good thing!


If you think you are affected by stress then it may help. I have done LP but don't have a problem with stress and depression so it was a complete waste of money and energy.



Thank you for your advice klr31, I do walking/cycling in nature, yoga and meditation to alleviate stress, so the more I think about it the less I think The Gupta Programme will benefit me! :-)


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