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Anyone with ME taken ADHD Meds?


I have had ME for twenty years and have been unable to work since 2003. I have Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism too (to my mind they are all inexorably interlinked).

Also, I’ve finally had a diagnosis of ADD (lost the Hyperactive bit when I got sick - in fact probably *got* sick partly because of the H part!) which predates the ME.

The Adult ADHD Consultant has put me on Matoride XL (same as Concerta XL, etc: it’s a slow-release Ritalin), and I seem to be able to still have my daytime sleeps on it - which is a relief although the sleeps are not as restful as previously.

Obviously, I would prefer not to be taking any strong medication, but I can’t cope with my brain as it is and the ADHD meds seem to be helping, which, after all these years, is absolutely wonderful.

However, I am concerned about crashing more often and harder due to the ADHD meds being stimulants.

Does anyone have experience of taking ADHD meds whilst having ME, and if so would you mind sharing your thoughts?

Many thanks,


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Hi I am really glad I have found someone who is in the same position as I am. Will cut a long story short - never felt the same as everyone else it was as if they had the secret to life and I didn't - struggled at school, nursing college, social work, meetings, speaking up, no confidence etc, couldn't concentrate etc etc.. Used alcohol extensively and increasingly - ended up having to resign, husband left me etc etc.. Finally husband came back and got another job - then discovered legal highs "stimulants" and it was life changing I was happy organized, confidant, didn't want alcohol any more, I could speak confidently and prioritize. Then after a couple of years I started to feel tired, no energy, all the good effects started to disappear and I felt fluish constantly and also started drinking again. I researched as much as poss and wondered about ADHD - NHS would not accept it but when I went private the specialist was in no doubt and started prescribing Concerta - unfortunately NHS decided I had ME as lots of other tests were done and conditions ruled out. Basically I don't know what's really wrong with me - meds help but also on anti depressants, diazepam for anxiety and am prob de pendant on dihydrocodeine as well. Just back from specialist and he is increasing meds. Will stop typing now or I will end up writing a book. Look forward to hearing from you. Xx


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