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What is the buspirone test

For the last 18mths I've had a variety of tests for different conditions but with no luck.

My Endo said I may now have cfs. So I went to see a different specialist who has now put me forward for a muscle weakness test and today I've received a letter for a buspirone test. As he said this a test they do for cfs. But I forgot to ask what does it entail and what is it for.

Has anyone had this test and could shed any light on things.

Many thanks xxx

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Never heard of it as I thought there were no tests for CFS but found this link: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/893...


Hello Welshiegirl,

I have not heard of a buspirone test. Have you tried searching for the test on the internet? Sorry I cannot help further. Let us know how you get on with this test and whether you receive a diagnosis. Take care,

Lottie x


Hi Welshiegirl ... from what's on internet, sounds like a blood test to see reaction to what they've introduced into your blood that day?

I've a very bad reaction to the 5HT's, and I think they're looking for that response? As though how you're feeling and what you've told them isn't enough? :(

When do you have to go? As has been suggested, have you the facility to search the Internet and find out a bit more about this weird test? Thinking of you! B xx


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