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Esa assessment

9.15 appointment after failing to attend the last one spent 8 month on jsa! Well I had been to a previous medical told me that they had tried to phone me to tell me not to come? ??? No missed messages so I called him and liar! Anyways I get to the new appointment and they say they are 1 hour behind cause of assessment guy can't make it in .No concern of mine is it is shouted get me into a darked room in 5 minutes from now because the lights are making me ill

Sat me in a darkenew room for an hour

So I laid on the floor and dozed off

Whenthe assessment guy came in called my name and asking if I need a ambulance

No I say just get on with your job

Another hour later with me getting up and down out of chairs and repeated questions about suicidal feelings

After 10 times of how often do you think of it

Every 2 for. .king minutes

Since you ask

Out after an hour staggering about

Got payment advice from Dwp been put in Support group? €25 per week extra

Still waiting for the Surprise letter saying that they have given me no points

Shall wait and see

So don't sit down lay down it's safer on the floor nowhere to fall too

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