Heart issues and ME

I'm curious if anyone has a feeling of a heavy pounding in their chest- after walking around - after eating - after drinking liquids? It's not always accompanied by panic and shakes but it can be.

I'm almost fine if I sit in my bed but the moment I get up to do just about anything, I get fatigued. My sense of fatigue is more in the heart than anywhere- but also I'm overcome with a strong desire to sleep (it's restless and unrefreshing if I do.)

Are these symptoms common among members here? If so has anyone had success in lessing severity?

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  • Yeah I get it. I get times when I might be sitting watching TV and all of a sudden its like I am out of breath and have to take several deep breaths.

    I have/do experience anxiety attacks since being diagnosed. Sometimes I get the pounding without the anxiety. I can't remember where I read but I did read that these were 'normal' occurrences within M.E.

  • They can also be a sign of B12 deficiency, having to take deep breaths is classic.

  • Didn't know that, thanks. I take a multi-vitamin and a multi B vit as well. I could bottle up my urine and read by it at night :)

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