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Just having a crash and am in bed! Although I pace reasonably well I still sometimes crash. But does,anyone else get this awful guilt and blaming themselves! I'm calling myself lazy, it's all in my head etc etc and I'm probably making it ten times worse! When I've come out if it I can see sense but not when I'm going through it. Anyone else do this and how do you deal with it?

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Yes - I am sure this is pretty common. There is always the feeling that you 'should' be able to snap out of it, and for me there is the guilt of not doing the work I need to be doing that day.

I find that doing meditation or mindfulness helps. Also - you could try getting some self esteem self-hypnosis tapes - google Glenn Harrold or Ed Lester. That will help with those feelings, and also will help with relaxation and sleep.




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