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Strange problem

Hi all. I have been suffering with M.E. this past number of months, about 12 - 18 and have had a lot of difficulty with the brain fog and a few other for want of a better description 'brain phenomena'.

I was having intense episodes of Deja Vu and Jamais Vu, (to the extent where I would be driving down a very familiar road and all of a sudden I wouldn't know where I am and have to stop the car), along with a buzzing and a sensation like a balloon inflating in my head at other times. Naturally all this is quiet disconcerting but I've been putting it down to the M.E./sleep deprivation, (in a lot of pain and when working I had not been sleeping). As I stopped work and started sleeping later this subsided, although would continue to occur at times.

I've not been sleeping great again, (I think the Neupro patch is causing it) and this evening I was in the bath in nice and relaxed state when a buzzing started in my head. I've experienced this lots but not often - it seems to come and go - and although it used to frighten me I have learned to either distract myself or go with it, (very curious person me). Anyway today I was nice and chilled and decided to go with it.

Now this is where things get a bit more disturbing for me; it felt like there were a few different tones of buzzing going on and I felt the usual 'balloon filling inside of head' sensation that accompanies this however it got very intense and I was unable to open my eyes. I was lying in the bath with my hands clasped like I was praying, (hate wrinkly hands from the bath). Although I couldn't say so as I couldn't open my eyes to see them it felt as if my hands were vibrating and I couldn't take them apart! This only lasted a few seconds and was quite scary. I managed to rouse myself and although a bit shook finished off my bath.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I am a bit worried!!

I'd appreciate any ideas.

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Hi, It sounds to me like you need to slow down and have a good rest. I found these kind of symptoms happening when I was extremely over doing it and especially happened because of lack of sleep.

The episode in the bath does sound really scary, but it was probably your body telling you to rest. One of my eyes close when I'm exhausted, and I begin to get confused in familiar places I miss my train or bus stop. One week I almost got run over most days as my brain just wasn't functioning. It was while I was going to college and not sleeping these scary things happened I had the feeling of worry. Once I rested I felt the brain fog calmed down.

Brain fog exercises:

1) Each hand crossing over to the opposite knee.

2) Throwing a ball in the air an catching it or passing it side to side (eg. juggling ball)

3) Marching on the spot and crossing hands over to opposite knees.

4) Obvious well known one - patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

Can be done sitting or standing take rest breaks. Stop before you get tired :)

Hope any of this helps !

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I think you have hit the nail on the head. I've been taking the Neupro Patch and it has hit my sleep big time at most I'm getting 4 hours with a sleeping tablet; some nights I have had 15 minutes or none even.

It has been like when I was working and getting no rest. It was just that things were a bit more severe but I mentioned it to the Dr today and he said the dopamine agonist can do all sorts of horrible things so as I am starting a strong opioid for pain it should work on the RLS that I have and I can stop the patch and all should settle down.

To add insult to injury - when I get tired I tend then to do more, even though I know I should rest I feel that out of sorts that I need to do something to distract myself - due to the brain fog I can't read or do anything to mentally strenuous so have been doing more physical activity.

I will try out those exercises - I used to juggle a bit, so will try that again.

Thanks for the advice.


Hi Raffs

I agree with Mrs Brightside. It sounds similar (although seemingly worse) than some of the symptoms I get when I am stressed, overtired, exhausted, have been overdoing it or the unrefreshing sleep gets really bad . A ringing in my ears or head, the strange balloon like sensation, and the lack of focus and concentration that comes with brain fog. For me I get really itchy and twitchy too, particularly my legs.

As Mrs Brightside says it does sounds like your body telling you to rest. I don't really have much to add to her good advice that it seems you need to slow down and relax as much as possible. Although I have never heard of those exercises relating to brain fog. Thanks for that Mrs Brightside, I might give those a try too.

Take care of yourselves both.



I'm convinced now that you two are right - it gets worse as the day goes on and is bad if I haven't slept for a couple of nights.

I suppose I was fearful that there was epilepsy/narcolepsy developing as I have ME and RLS - both neurological disorders and figured the whole brain was up the left, (mind you the Mrs has been saying that for years :) ).

I spoke to my GP and he reckons that anything that I am experiencing is being exacerbated by the Neupro patch and I am in the process of weaning off it.

Thanks for the replies guys.


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