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Help with pain

Hi all. Not sure if this is in the right place but since none of you know where I live I figure the hit squad wont get me :)

I have a lot of pain due to spine damage and the knock on to the muscles of the back - since I've developed ME I struggle more to deal with the pain. I've started using heat pads:

which are quite good, (they say not to put them on skin but they feel fine there), but I would need about 8 or so to cover the main areas.

I've looked on Amazon and there are heat pad belts for the lower back but I can't seem to see one that will cover the whole back. So I was wondering if any of my fellow sufferers out there know of one that will do my whole back at once? Also if possible I would prefer one with magnets that doesn't need to be microwaved as our oven is nearly knackered and we aren't going to replace it, (healthy living and all that).

Thanks for any/all suggestions.

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I've never tried heat pads but find ibuprofen gel to be an absolute lifesaver.

I also get have more trouble with brain fog than physical symptoms btw - thought I was getting dementia at one point! People tell me I ask the same question a few times and forget I've asked it and I drive my husband crazy asking if he's done something just after he's done it!

In the last year or so I've been working on being positive about the pesky brain fog, like you I can't read a new book but I can re-read an old favourite. I also struggle to follow movies and TV the first time, but this means I can watch them over and over again (rather like a child does) and get something different from them each time. Before getting ME I hated watching something twice.

I'm building myself up to try to read Johnathon Strange and Mr Norrel - I watched the series on TV so might find it easier to take in the detail now I know the plot...

Got to admit (no matter how hard I try to channel Polyanna) it is frustrating and I do feel vulnerable not being as quick witted as I was or able to defend myself.

I hope someone comes up with a heatpad solution for you,

All the best X


Thanks. Yeah that brain fog is a b1tch! But like yourself I've seen a good movie a couple of times enjoying it over again.

Great idea re-reading old books - I hadn't thought of that.

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Ive used ralgex cooling spray its effective as the heat ones inflame the pain.


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