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HM training week3 day3

FlickM3Half Marathon

Tough tough tough. 25 minutes in zones 1&2 then suddenly you’re up into zone 4 and having to keep going for 20 minutes. I am finding the heart rate zones hard to get right. If you can reach the top two zones without killing yourself, then you can’t keep your bpm down in the lower zones. I’m sure it will get easier as time goes on and my fitness improves. My overall pace is much lower than before I started the training.

Chilly and wet today. That makes it harder for me as the heat and the sun give me an energy boost, even though it’s tiring to run for too long when it’s hot.

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MikeJones6810 Miles

Nicely done, Flick. I am the opposite. I find the cooler weather far better for running as I overheat in anything much above 20c.

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to MikeJones68

Thank you Mike x lived in Iraq and Cyprus as a child so I'm kind of acclimatised to the heat, though i had heatstroke a few years ago after standing still in hot sun for three hours, so I have to keep my head covered in the sun if I'm running or standing around

I loved todays run as it was wet lol. I've been reading up about heartrate drift and I'm not sure anyone can immediately go from zone 4 to zone 2 without pausing or slowing down first. It's all in the recovery apparently! I decided to run free today for 10k and just monitor what zones I run in after. Basically today I ran at what I thought was a fairly ok, easy going pace for most of my run and it turns out I ran in the majority of zone 4 for my hour! I don't know what this means lol but I'm fairly sure I must be getting fitter as the 10k I ran in May was at full on race pace but was only a few minutes quicker. Today I feel like I have run but not maxed out and got a similar time.... not sure what any of this means for my marathon or for us heartrate/zones training lol. I guess overall we get fitter and can run for longer periods of time at a faster pace? Maybe! It is looking good for endurance though Flick and that's our goal. 😊 x

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to Clairecandothis

Might be time to set your zones higher! Look at your highest zone when you’re running flat out and set it around there.

I can see my pace slowly creeping up, and my VO2 Max is 42 so something must be working. Heart rate drift is really useful when you want to stay in a higher zone but a bugger when you come down into the lower zones again.

I’m much fitter now , but curiously much slower - im hoping the pace will improve as I’m nowhere bear my pre training pace xx

ClairecandothisMarathon in reply to FlickM3

Yes I will have a look at my highest heartrate.... I think though that maybe my fittness and endurance has improved so my easy is now easier if that makes sense lol.

My pace hasn't drastically improved either, I think it takes a good few months for that to happen from slowing down, but in terms of a half and full marathon, getting the right pace for the longer distance is the goal. I'm aiming for zone 3 and last 10k zone 4 maybe! Unless Polar has a different plan for me closer to race day!

I'm running my long run today and I'm sure I'm in zone 2 for a while again! Xx

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to Clairecandothis

I’m so slow now. If I’m this slow still in October, it will take me 7 hours to get round! ☹️

You’re doing really well Claire 😊❤️


Well done Flick!!! xxx

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to roseabi

Thank you Abi xxx

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