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Advice on foot pads please?


Last Sunday I marshalled at my club’s open cross country. This involved standing for two hours in wellies. Since then I’ve had pain in ball of my foot. I’ve had it before wearing wellies & heels and know it’s down to more padding needed. Some types of leisure trainers will result in ball of foot aching if worn for too long. However I run in proper trainers.

So, anyone recommend reliable foot pads which won’t slip or bunch up?

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I haven’t had any experience of these, I’m sorry. Hopefully someone else will, and have you had an assessment from a podiatrist?

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Podiatrist visit may be on the cards.


They're possibly not going to be fancy enough, but I really like those memory foam ones you can get in the pound shop/pound stretcher! You cut them to size yourself, so they fit all kinds of shoes. I used to use them all the time when I wore inadvisable heels for djing. By the end of the night my feet used to burn so much! But the memory foam insoles helped a lot, they've got a good amount of squidge and return—if that makes sense. They don't hold up for repeated use, I'd not put them in my everyday shoes because they'd flatten after a few months, but for occasional wear they might be worth a go.

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On top of Sqr's great advice, you may want to add wellie liners to the mix, it's another warm layer and on top of the insoles might just add another layer of comfort! Good luck 🤞

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