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Taking the plunge towards a HM

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Jay66UKHalf Marathon

Following Roseabi’s post being flagged to me by a VRB I’m “coming out” as aiming for HM distance.

I started Couch to 5k at the end of March 2018, graduated end of May, consolidated by building up to 5k for a few weeks the followed a condensed version of ju_ju_’s plan to 10k, graduating late August.

Since then I initially wobbled a fair bit and I’m currently working my way back up to 10k again using a variation on the plan to have a slightly longer middle run each week, aiming to do 10k again next week for Movember.

I’m looking at a variety of plans but a few things deter me. I don’t like the idea of things like Tempo runs, I don’t have a variety of paces and I don’t do any other exercise if any kind. I just run.

I know that longer runs require more core strength. But I also know that if I don’t think I’m going to enjoy what I’m about to do (or if I feel bad because I’ve “skipped” other exercise) then it will risk me not running.

So I am toying with a much simplified plan of short run, medium run (growing to bridge the gap to the long run), long run (growing by 1k then repeating the following week). But I may cave and do a proper plan and just get over myself.

I’ve not registered for a race yet - I don’t need that pressure at the moment - but once I get through the winter and have a clue how much progress I’ve made I will register for something.

Enjoy your next run x

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David_GHalf Marathon

Thanks Jay, I've signed up for my half marathon on 31 March 2019 so this will help enormously. Good luck with everything!

roseabi profile image

Fabulous! I started out this way too, and I really enjoyed the process of running further and further - exploring my local area on foot!

Your comment about "tempo" is very interesting, and has given me food for thought - so thank you!

Good luck and have fun!

Hi Jay. I did a HM a little while ago. I entered an event then I started a ct5k plan(before this one). Then worked my way up to it.

You can do whatever you want to bud, your the boss.

Best of luck Fella.

misswobble profile image

Tempo run is a fast paced run. If you don’t want to do it then skip it 👍. Jog the distances It’s your plan, your race, your pace. Slow running will get you where you wanna go and keep you injury free (🤞)

Increasing 1k a week is good 💪🙂. You could do that over winter 😃

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WindozeHalf Marathon

Good luck Jay. Keep us posted on progress. I was a little worried about intervals when i first started doing 10k plans but now i love em...hills to... 😂😂

Just go at your own pace and enjoy

Re-read your post...in less than 9 months, you’re planning half Marathon distances and make 10k sound like a walk in the park with a coffee! Remember when 60 seconds was tough??? You’ve come so far. You get the choice to do this how and when you like. I, who is still faffing st 5k, doff my cap. 👍👍👍

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Jay66UKHalf Marathon in reply to 18Windmill

Thanks. Plucking up the courage to try for 10k was a big step, so I completely understand why you’ve stuck with 5k, which is still probably my favourite distance...apart from 4k 🤣

If you decide to stretch to a further distance my advice would be look at ju_ju_’s plan. Rebuilding back to 10k I’ve tweaked it by making the middle run grow so that it isn’t such a jump to the long run, based on advice a VRB got from their physio following injury.

But any run of any distance is fabulous - there is no need to go further unless and until you choose to.

18Windmill profile image
18Windmill in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay. I might come back to you on this but at the moment what I’m doing fits job/husband/child etc. I’m still doing it though and that’s an achievement for me! All the best.

womblejogger profile image
womblejoggerHalf Marathon

well done on taking the plunge with a half, i did something similar with the training plan, 3 day week, normal run, slightly longer then long run and increased the distance gradually each week... it takes courage and determination but you will do it my only word of warning is hm's are addictive

linda9389 profile image

Excellent stuff. You've come so far so quickly. I really enjoyed ju-ju's 10k plan and thought increasing by a km a week (or maybe every couple of weeks) was the way to go. I got to 16K for the GSR but it was getting to be a bit of a struggle.

Until then I had avoided hills, cross training, intervals of any kind since C25K, or strength work. But I felt the running was no longer increasing my strength sufficiently to sustain continued increases in distance. I have a HM booked for March so decided something had to change.

I'm now trying to add in the intervals and strength work, and hopefully some swimming. roseabi has introduced her new plan at just the right time for me, and I'm hoping the group camaraderie will be enough to keep me committed to these strange new additional activities. Only time will tell, but with the HM already booked I definitely need to switch something up. You on the other hand, have the luxury of time to do it whichever way you want. Good luck, and enjoy :)

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Jay66UKHalf Marathon

Thanks! I’ve actually got half an eye on a half marathon at the end of March...to go from zero to HM within a year would feel like quite an achievement...but I want to make it through winter before signing up.

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linda9389Administrator in reply to Jay66UK

A huge achievement! And a sensible approach. I'm hoping Abi's plan will keep me on track through the winter, an added boost for when it's cold and dark. Just got to try to stay injury free 😀

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HoagyMHalf Marathon

Great stuff Jay, sounds like you have your mind set on that HM, which is great. You've really been going for this!

Personally, in order to stay motivated, I knew I needed a firm commitment and date to aim for, hence signing up for the Cardiff HM in March - just now need to banish those pesky gremlins and get out there over the winter :)

Btw My sisters ("sisters who run", sort of thing) both agreed that the best date for a first HM was not March - instead doing one later in the year allows for some decent weather for that all-important training. So if you could wait, that would probably make it a bit easier. Just a thought...

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKHalf Marathon in reply to HoagyM

Thanks for passing on their advice, Hoagy...it’s best to learn from others’ experiences! I’m in no rush so, as I say, I’m going to see how the winter training goes. 10k today was a start.

mountaindreamer profile image
mountaindreamerHalf Marathon

Great Jay! Hope to join you with the HM plan. I’m too chicken not to do a distance a few times before racing it, but am eyeing up the local Chester HM for the week before my 50th! Plenty of extra time, but a nice aim to have...❤️

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