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Introducing myself


Good afternoon, thx for the welcome message.

I’m looking to find inspiration and tips for which runs to enter, because I don’t want to over face myself but know I need goals.

I’m a slow runner but plan to build that up over time - just need the right events to do in the meantime.

I’ve done a couple of local 10ks and am past 10miles on my weekly long run now, but feel I’d rather build to HMs next year, when I’m established and confident (all going well!) rather than rush into anything sooner and have a discouraging experience.

So ideas are very welcome (I’m now South lincs based but willing to travel 2-3 hrs by car) and in the meantime, I hope to watch and learn!

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Hello Caroline! Welcome 😀. I’ve not been here long myself but if you are running 10mile long runs then you aren’t far of HM distance anyway 👍. Looking on there appear to be several HMs in lincs for you to choose from, so maybe have a look at those and see if any look suitable? Others may know a recommendation for you. Good luck - I’m sure you will enjoy your first HM, whatever you decide on 🙂

CarolineLou71 in reply to Macmac

Thank you, I’ll have to get my pen and paper out and start making a short list - there just seems so much choice and so much variation, depending on people’s baseline fitnesses and perceptions. Guess I’m hoping some on here will have gone through similar stages. Thanks for the encouragement :-)


There’s a little guide book for your area called RunABC that lists all races in the east mids we used to get a copy at run group. You might be able to find one locally,or i think they have a website

Lots of races in Lincs! I’ve done one recently in Louth. I am doing a marathon over near cleethorpes in November Gainsborough do a half i,think Not far to the border with Notts and Yorkshire so plenty to look forward to Derbyshire is in easy reach Thinking Worksop half, Retford half. There’s bound to be one in Lincoln Mabelthorpe has races as does Scunthorpe, market Rasen etc

Folks here have come through via C25k and worked slowly through the distances No rush or pressure. Find a race that you like the sound of and then read up on it Closer to home is logistically easier 😃

Thanks, that’s great 👍

I have a funny feeling I remember you from my 2nd attempt at c25k last year, cos of the association with your screen name and the wobbleberry challenge 😆

I’m looking forward to the continuation of the running journey and realise I could join a running club but not quite confident yet, not just because of speed but also my eccentric time availability and commitment!

Thanks for your insights - some great places to start looking and logical advice too x

SqkrHalf Marathon

Hello hello and welcome! 👋 I'm afraid I can't help with the suggestions for local-ish races to enter as I'm over the border in Scotland, but there are definitely some good places to start looking in the thread already. If/when you do have an event lined up let us know and we will add you to the calendar! As misswobble says, lots of us here have come through the c25k route—there's a wide range of brilliant experienced runners and also some total newbies (me!), so do get stuck into the forum and let us know how you get on with your training! 😊


Hello and a warm welcome to you. That’s great you’re made the decision to take your running to a HM distance. I don’t really know that area I’m afraid but I know others will 😎

CarolineLou71 in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks ju-ju-! All tips are welcome, not just local. Had a peek at your bio and love that you’re doing the Ron hill thing - I tried but my achilles hurt, so working on them before I try to get back to it - lovely to be in the (cyber)‘presence’ of like minded folks, so thx for saying hi too 👍

WhatsappHalf Marathon

As others have said, I'm sure ther are many HMs nearby to you. So I would go for the most local ones first beore you start incoprorating travelling to those further afield. Not a fan of a long sweaty drive home myself, so I keep it nice and local.

As for training, if you are already running 10 miles plus then you are in the enviable position of being able to spend some time working on a bit of speed also, as for most of us our HM training is about building miles in.

Thanks, that’s a really positive spin to put on my (lack of) speed :-) and the point about a sweaty drive home could be why a few people have mentioned keeping it local - excellent point; don’t fancy that chilly damp feeling prolonged any longer than necessary!!

I did enter the P’boro Perkins Gt Eastern which is just an hr away, so perhaps a good outer limit geographically. I just don’t feel ready this time, so have withdrawn with a plan to hopefully go out feeling strong next year, get one or two races under my belt and hopefully revisit that to finish my year off with a happier effort that time.

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