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My vest review


Yonks ago I said I would review my new swanky Salamon vest:

So in Juicyju style I’ll do a list of good and bad:


Really comfy and it doesn’t rub or jiggle

Loads of pockets and zips. I especially like the open mesh pockets as it fitted my inhaler , lippy and sweets easily so I can grab them on the go.

There is a back giant pocket for stashing bigger stuff OR an extra bladder which I haven’t tried yet ( I have the bladder also, it doesn’t come with it).

It comes with two floppy bottles with suckys that fit snugly into two pockets either side. They are positioned so it’s easy to drink and also they don’t get in the way so you don’t know they are even there!

Get this.... you also get a golden foil blanket.... wow! So if you get stuck and need to keep warm, then bingo... and likewise you might just want to bling it up.

It’s very lightweight.


Price.... it’s really expensive.

There are various surplus strings that seem to flop about and get in the way. I’m not sure what they are for.

I don’t think the side pocket zips are very good quality. On my old one they got rusty and wouldn’t work, and I had an energy bar stuck in there going off for months.

I hope that’s helpful!

Happy Panthering


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TbaeMetric Marathon

Brillant.Very helpful.

Perhaps a very light touch of Vaseline or such like or a light 3 in one spray on the zip may help.

Obviously nothing smelly or industrial.🙈That would not do.

Just got to be something sweet smelling, clean and an effective rust inhibitor.💥🏃‍♀️🐆💥🔥

in reply to Tbae

Thanks for the Tips 💥🤗👍🏻🔥🐟

pinkaardvarkHalf Marathon

Holy cow 🐮. Mine was 15 quid though now they do it for 21 quid with the bladder. I can't see the difference but it didn't come with a space blanket but I think they cost a pound or two and now you mention it I will take one out of my first aid kit and take it with me in mine. My one may fall apart after a month lol but seems fine. they also do the foldable bottle separately if needed for 12.99.

The chap modelling the salmon one looks like he is enjoying suckling on his own breast, they are a French company though... 😜

in reply to pinkaardvark

Lol, suckling man!!

Would that vest fit a smallish person?

And would it chafe if wearing only a vest under it?

pinkaardvarkHalf Marathon
in reply to roseabi

I think you'd be fine size wise. They have changed it slightly from when I bought it last November in that it now comes with buckles. Mine has the little crossover clip straps for the chest. The buckles look simpler and quicker to use. I didn't experience any chafing with just a tech t-shirt on but don't own any singlets so can't comment. Material feels soft enough though. I bought it with a separate bladder for 5.99 but that was a waste as it didn't have a great valve so the included one may not be much cop at that price. I do highly recommend the osprey hydraulics ones though which have no bung hole. In favour of a zipper so way easier to clean and dry.

in reply to pinkaardvark

I like the look of the adjustable side-straps, but ideally I would like to be able to get away with just a bra underneath :O

I already have a bladder (and indeed a backpack - a cheap and nasty one :)), but I though a spare one wouldn't hurt.



thanks for posting this, I've been eying it up since Amazon put it in my 'you may be interested in...' list. Not doing enough miles to warrant it....yet!


This looks great, but I'm not sure I can justify the expense 🤔

Love seeing reviews on here - thank you!!!!

in reply to roseabi

I'm toying with the idea of the South Coast Challenge, but that's £125!!! Plus all the little extra expenses :) So to get the vest as well...


Thanks for that matey, interesting stuff 👍

The zip thing. A trick I learned in a dress shop once, you take a pencil and rub the point up and down the zip a few times. Voila

These vests are horribly expensive. They will be tricky to manufacture, with lots of different processes which slows down production. It’s specialised stuff

I haven’t got one yet, but if and when I start training for an ultra, i’m going to treat myself, or Put one on my Christmas list I keep stuff to a minimum but I think these are the best idea for long distances, and vital for events where you have to supply your own food and water

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

What perfect timing ju-ju. I spent a good portion of time yesterday reading a pile of reviews on different hydration vests and that one was top of many lists. I just bought poles and don’t really need the vest this year, but want to get my ducks in a row when I do buy one. The Solomon ones were supposed to be super comfortable, but come with a pretty steep price tag (especially when you have to purchase the bladder separate). Decisions, decisions 🤔. The 3 that I’m looking closest at right now are the one you reviewed, the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 and the Nathon vapour Airess (both of it are designed for women). But then I started thinking, do I want a vest or do I want a pack? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated 😁

aliboo70Half Marathon

Great review thankyou juju! I was thinking of getting something like this ! Xxx


Ju....what is sizing like... ? I am a size normal clothes... xxx

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