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Hooray, legs still working


We all survived the EMF10k! It is a beautiful but rather brutally hilly route, and the worst part is that they threw in a surprise hill near the end which I was really not expecting, so had not paced myself accordingly. My poor heart rate went through the roof at that point. I didn't keel over though and got over the finish line with a chip time of 55.11, and remained aware enough of my surroundings to hear the tannoy man from Forth One cheering me over the line by name—although in the photo it does look a bit like I fell asleep mid-run. Gah, those 11 seconds will haunt me though! Strava clocked my 10k at 54.40, so maybe I'll cling onto that time... Next stop Great North Run, for my one year off-the-couch anniversary (slightly early as it is in fact an October anniversary, but close enough) :) I made a composite photo of some before, during and after shots. Because who doesn't enjoy a running selfie?

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Well done - great time, and super photos!

jacky-fHalf Marathon

Fantastic time. That is a very hard course with monster hills.


I would be very happy with either of those times. Super quick!! Congratulations on a great race, in spite of the surprise hill (every hill is a surprise in my world 🙂)


Well done! Fab time and lovely photos!

Looks like you had a fun day 👍


Great result! I wish I could do 10K in 55 minutes. And you did with hills as well! Congratulations!

aliboo70Half Marathon

Fantastic result! 😊🏃🏃🏃🏃


Lovely post, amazing run - well done!!!!


Thanks all! I'll get myself signed up for next year's half I think, the full marathon doesn't really appeal route-wise. Need to wait for my house sale to complete though, these big runs really add up :/

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