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The "Improve Everything in Under 5 Minutes" Challenge


before I start, this is not the group May challenge. i will put that up tomorrow. This is a separate challenge, longer term, that I am posting across the boards.

It has been a while since I threw down the challenge gauntlet. The 28 Beginner Squat Challenge back at the start of the year was fairly successful. The rather meandering and undefined Lent Challenge less so. This one is slightly different in that it is something I decided to do myself and then one of the other admin suggested I share it on the forums. It is not of my creation. I claim no credit for it. I'm just going to do it and invite any of you who wish to to take part too.

but "Improve everything in under 5 minutes"? That sounds a rather extravagant claim. It sounds like one of those clickbaity links that pop up on Facebook or the Tagline on the cover of a Health and Fitness magazine,

but yes. I guarantee that if you see this challenge through it will have a marked impact on your cardio vascular fitness level, your stamina, your leg and core strength and you will get significant visible body composition results, and it will never take up more than five minutes of your day.

After the collapse of the over complicated Lent Challenge, you will be glad to hear that this one requires no equipment whatsoever (other than a watch, clock or timer of some sort), only involves one exercise and that does not entail any complicated technique or real need to observe form. You can do it indoors or out. It will not interfere with any other training you may be doing. You will not get callouses or blisters. Karen from accounts will be giving you jealous/admiring glances before you are even at the halfway mark.

Assuming you are generally able bodied and do not have a medical condition that precludes exercise you can start from any level - obviously the fitter you are the quicker you may progress and if you are an absolute beginner it may take longer to get up to speed at the beginning.

The only caveat is that this is not a short challenge. As I said you may get through it faster or slower depending, but personally I am reckoning on about 90 days. But 5 minutes a day at the very outside. And faster, leaner, stronger... significantly... minutes off your race times, inches off your waist... guaranteed... or your money back.

The eagle-eyed and cynical among you may have notice that I have not given any specifics away yet. Just like those clickbaity websites and Fitness magazines, I'm trying to tantalise you into committing before giving away the secret. You'll love it though.

(actually that very last bit is not guaranteed to be true. Unless you're a masichist. But you will love the results)

So, who's in?

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OK, how hard can it be 🤔Ah, that hard.

Oh well, Needs to be done and it's 'only' 5 mins. And it's free 😄.

I'm in


In principle, but I suspect it involves jumping up and down, so I probably can't do it...

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Bring it!!


Me 💪


No walking upside down on one's arms whilst singing? Oh, what the hell, I'm in. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!

Irish-JohnHalf Marathon in reply to mrrun

ROFL 😂😂😂😂

Rignold in reply to mrrun

not a million miles off. Weeping not singing may be closer to the mark however.


I'm in- only because I want Karen from accounts to give me admiring glances ;)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to ju-ju-

Damn, that's a good point...

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to roseabi

Even more scary is that we do have a Karen from accounts...... ;)

Anything is bearable for five minutes. Plus I'm intrigued!


dammit ive been click baited .... im in !!! , and after all its guarenteed or money back so it must work ;P


Why am I always so damned optimistic. I never see pitfalls, fools rush in 😁

It's worked- I really want to find out what it is! I am IN! After all- 5 minutes - how hard can it be?

womblejoggerHalf Marathon

count me in it's worth knowing....

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