gnr this weekend

I am due to run gnr this weekend however since last week I have experienced pain in my left hip, burning sensation even hurts lying on that side. I rested and haven't run over the weekend now walking with a limp and the pain is not subsiding. my last run was only 3 miles not exactly over exerting myself so dunno where this has come from any advice please


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  • Advice: See a doctor or a physiotherapist. Walking with a limp doesn't sound like a good starting point for running 13 miles.

  • I Have an apt tonight fingers crossed

  • Eek! That sounds horrible! I agree with Tomas, go and get some medical advice - do you know a good physio? Fingers crossed for you but if you don't make this HM, there will be others. Good luck.

  • Thanks trying get apt tomorrow

  • You have my sympathy. I got up to 10 miles but then developed tendonitis, so I'm having to defer the GNR until next year, as at the moment walking is a bit painful, let alone running for 13.1 miles.

    But I have a plan, once it's sorted - 10k in Jan and hopefully a hm in March. As Sandraj39 says, there will be others :-)

  • Agree with others try and see someone tomorrow morning- physio or osteopath would be best.

    I am running it too and pulled up sharp yesterday with awful midback pain, had to abandon the run and get the bus home. After a lot of ringing around found an osteopath who has done various things, says it will be sore from that for another 24-48 hours but can then try another run. So I am sat here with a hot water bottle behind me and anxious about all the fundraising I have done. Luckily I can walk freely today so as the train and accommodation are booked will be getting to the finish line somehow. Good luck.

  • Hope so good luck

  • so i have been to see oestepath and i have Trochanteric bursitis so i have rest no treatment until the inflammation goes down

  • Sorry to hear this. Look on the bright side. Bursitis is treatable, ultimately. Osteoarthritis (as your tag) tends not to be. I've osteoarthritis in my knees. I ran the GNR on Sunday because they weren't playing up, but it does restrict the amount of running I can do. I've a very understanding GP who reckons that running won't make the arthritis any worse (but stopping running will because I'll end up putting weight on then).

    I hope you've claimed your guaranteed entry for next year. I'll see you then!

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