Dream race!

Dream race!


Last night I dreamt that I was entered in a race where we had to run down a very long flight of stairs in a very old house, carrying a tray of dinner. I was late for the start, and when I got there the woman dishing out the food said I couldn't wear my voluminous skirt because of health and safety. But the only substitute she could find was a running top that I had to wear as shorts.

Somebody help me!!! :D

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  • Oh that would be my nightmare! The dinner lady was right you know, you can't run down steep stairs carrying a tray of food in a voluminous skirt!

    Sounds like you need to go for a run lol!

  • Yep, I think I'll get on that later - thanks Curly!

  • Haha! I had a dream race last weekend. As I'm something of a lucid dreamer, I woke myself up when the race was over, as I didn't see any point in staying in bed any longer.

  • LOL! Very cool :)

  • at least you didn't have to run up the very long flight of stairs while carrying dinner, what dinner was it? I would imagine it was Sunday dinner did you get to eat it at the bottom?

    I have no idea what a voluminous skirt is, is it like a skort? and why did you not post a picture of you wear a running top as shorts!

  • It was kind of like my school dinners from the 70s, sort of brown and sloppy (my friend and I used often to skip straight to pudding) :) The skirt was huge, and ankle-length, with a floral pattern on it - a skort would have been much too sensible for that dream. I couldn't possibly inflict such a photograph on anyone!

  • haha so it was a bit of a mash up of your childhood then! they had huge ankle length skirts in the 70's didnt they?

  • That must have been it :)

  • *bursts out laughing* sheesh Abi, that is one complex dream!

  • I think I ate too much dinner last night :)

  • One night I dreamt that I was eating a giant Marshmallow.

    When I woke up next morning, I couldn't find my pillow.... :/

  • Boom! :D

  • OMG. OK so I will interpret:

    It means you are adaptable, don't shy away from difficult tasks and you like downhills ..... hee hee !!

  • Awesome - I'll take that! :)

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