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I'm thinking of a younger man!

Hi fellow runners I've not been posted lately but have been reading everyone's posts so I don't feel I'm all alone in this running lark!

Thanks to all who gave me such good advice following my calf injury although it was torture I rested, stretched and walked till finally after 6wks I braved a gentle run and it went well. So I'm back on track with my half marathon training it's not till oct it's the great Perkins run in Peterborough. Whilst doing park run on sat got chatting to a young man, well 30 something, who is a personal trainer he has offered to run next park run with me to help improve my pb currently 31.55 to a sub 30. Wondered if anyone else has engaged the skills of a p/trainer? Did you find it helpful? I should mention he's fit and handsome so my decision making is somewhat blurred!! But hey is older ladies need to take these opportunities when they come along shouldn't they??!

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I've only used a PT for strength training, but would love to work with a running PT.


My good colleague from work invited himself to 'my' parkrun to pace me for a personal best. He nagged the c**p out of me all the way round and took nearly 90 seconds off my PB. I hated the nagging, but was pleased with the result.

I suggest that your handsome man runs just in front of you (so that you have something to look at all the way round ;-) ).


Ooow nagging not sure I'm going to like that but I do like your idea of following him to spur me on! Seriously I'm hoping he will be able to give me some good advice and encouragement.

I shall keep you posted!


I would love to have a personal coach to help me with my running, but the prices I have seen advertised 'round 'ere are comparable to a high class gym membership. So I've not taken advantage of their offers.

But your handsome young man sounds like just the ticket!


I haven't discussed fees with him yet thought I'd see Saturday park run as a test drive!


Yes I'm keeping an open mind and I guess it will depend on his approach. I'm hoping for some good advice and encouragement.

I'll keep you posted!


I think you've pulled.... get yer coat ;)


... and I use my son who is super fast. He helped me get my current PB of 26.40. I couldnt have done it without him. Interestingly that was at my dads in Peterborough!! I really like the parkrun there round all those lakes... good luck :)


The only person who attempted to be my personal trainer (when he wasn't one, but thought he was an expert compared to me) nearly got force fed my size 45 trainers. Never again. I suppose that his being a friend of mind didn't help much, but it was catastrophic :) I do recommend running behind someone else though (with or without a nice bottom) - it helps to pace yourself. I followed a guy with a balloon for 10k in Montpellier and went to thank him afterwards. He still refused to give me his balloon though.

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