Ju- Ju's marathon training update

Ju- Ju's marathon training update

Hello everybody...

I have been so tired this week and didnt end up doing the 15 miles I should have yesturday. I think running everyday and doing 2 spinning classes in the week is too much!

So this week I plan to have very low mileage with a view to hitting the trail at the weekend and going for longer as I should be recovered, and no spinning!!. On the 11th I am planning a 20 mile run at my mums which will be my longest before the marathon. I am going to go all round the coastal headland and beach in Hayle as that will be similar terrain to my marathon. I am excited and nervous about this....

On the plus side my son agreed to come on my trail with me yesturday ( see pics) and we did 6 miles. It was a rare treat and I really enjoyed it. It made me realise how tough it is as he really struggled on the mud and the uneven terrain as he is a treadmill runner!!!!

Have a great week,

Ju- Ju


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  • By 'eck your lad is growing up!

    Pardon me for saying so but I am beginning to think from your experience and that in my family that spin classes are a bloody menace (admittedly no risk of them potentially messing with *your* PSA levels for monitoring your prostate cancer)

    Your proposed run sounds fabulous (and yes, daunting too)

  • Thankyou... and yes. They are fun but quite full on!! Thankfully I dont have a prostate!!!

  • Love these pics! I am envious of your 20 miler, it sounds fabulous! I am looking forward to running that distance on the 18th, but yours is much cooler :)

  • Thankyou.... and good luck with yours :)

  • Sounds like you're doing A LOT Ju-Ju. But of course there also needs to be time to recover, so good decision to give yourself a bit of a break this week in preparation for a long trail weekend.

    Your trail runs sounds and look gorgeous. And you have so much panther stamina, you're doing to do absolutely great on race day!

  • Thankyou... I am feeling so much better now after 2 days of just doing a slow mile. A bit of recovery goes a long way!!!

  • a bit of compliant, your son looks a lot muddier than you (please sort out next time) but i always find it alot harder/more enjoyable on the trails than road running. So well done for doing for the miles you are getting in and good luck on your 20miler.

    I need to find myself a trail run race half, (i am not as brave to do a marathon yet!)

  • you do, and I so agree, trails are just the best. Road running is soooooo boring!!! They do a half on the one I am doing. Take a look its going to be fab: endurancelife.com/event-new...

  • Oh well done Ju! Good for you! Treadmill running must be like watching paint dry. Anyway, hats off to him for going with you. He will appreciate your pantheresque running power all the more for knowing how tough it is.

    Hayle sounds lovely! I hope the weather is kind. Mind you, I doubt it will cause you too much trouble

    Have fun!

  • Thankyou, and he goes slowly for me but he did struggle on the mud and uneven surfaces which arent a problem for me :)

  • Sounds like a great trail run, and you and your son both look as though you enjoyed it! Sounds like a good plan to ease up for a few days, especially with a 20 miler coming up. Phew! I can only stand back and aadmire Ju-ju - good luck!☺

  • Thankyou... and yes its been good to have a bit of a rest....

  • aah thats nice to see you out together again! and looking super slim there juju! your schedule sounds very hectic so i think a quieter week is a great idea! :)

  • Awww thankyou! I was looking at my bum thinking it looks huge!!!!!!!

  • We are always are own worst critics! 😕😆

  • Great pictures Ju, I love the fact that you and your son run together, my neighbour who I got into C25k a couple of years ago from me being so excited meeting everyone including you at the Winter Run ran a 10km with her Dad at the weekend and he only started C25k last year. Your right to rest up a bit one thing Ive found out lately is running changes your body on a deep down level on your bloods and that really does need time to recover. Happy panthering.

  • I think thats so true and its like an inner exhaustion! I am feeling much better now though, thankyou so much :)

  • I agree with Tomas, that's a lot of running. I'm glad to see you're aware of this, and are taking things easier this week.

  • Thankyou... and yes a rest has really helped :)

  • Good decision to take it easy - and great pics.

  • Thankyou :)

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