Hello everyone, I'm new to this group but have previously found the couch 25k groups so helpful.

I've entered my first half marathon - 10weeks training left. I have run several 10km races but I'm struggling with the half marathon training now. I just did 13km and feel really sick now :( didn't really enjoy the experience. It took me an hour and 40 mins.

Please can you provide any words of wisdom - advice and reassurance that I can get there as it seems unacheivable today.

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  • first of all dont worry about the time, time doesnt matter so if you did it in 30minutes or 2hrs it doesnt matter, getting the distances did matter. Did youu feel physically sick after or during? i have only had that problem when i ate a large roast dinner and thought it be a good idea for a run after. (it wasnt a good idea)

    You still have plenty of time to add the extra km's just dont worry about the time, just run at your convosational pace and your be fine.

  • First thing first: relax :) You have plenty of time and you are at a very good starting point. When I started my 8 weeks preparation for my first half marathon I could not run 3 k!!!

    When I say relax I mean do not rush into adding miles, it must be a progression, usually they suggest a 10/20% increase max every week and every couple of weeks take a step back (10% back) and then start again. Very important do not increase both speed and distance. if you are increasing distance, take it easy, in the weeks in which you have less k you can try to go faster.

    I discover this year fartlek and it is a nice distraction to the boring hours of running...

    if you do not have a plan, I would write one down (I have used one from runner's world website, but there is plenty around...

    Good luck with your plan and have fun :)


  • I don't know if it's the same where you are, but at the moment I'm finding the heat is making it hard going (as are many of us). Heat puts extra strain on the heart and lungs, which may bring on nausea (I occasionally feel sick after pushing myself, whether I've eaten or not), and will slow you down quite a bit. If you are finding this take heart, because in 10 weeks the temperature may well be much cooler (it may not, but let's not think about that!), and training in heat is great for improving cardiovascular fitness!

    As Ben said, don't worry about speed for your first HM, just finishing it is a fine goal!

    Which half marathon are you doing? I'm in the Oxford one on October 9th so I have a similar length of time left for training :)

  • Thanks for the positive advice and support. I'm running the Cardiff half on the 2nd October.

    I'm shattered today but am looking forward to my short runs later in the week :)

    I think you're right about the heat! It's just so muggy at the moment.

  • The Cardiff half looks brilliant - nice and flat, and lovely scenery. Good luck and enjoy those short runs :)

  • This is hard work, make no bones about it. We are dogged though and we can do it. Put the miles in and you'll be ok on race day. Slowly chew up the distance in training is a chore sometimes but it's got to be done. Eating at the right time is tricky, and I feel sure we can't always get it right, and end up with indigestion at some point. It's a learning curve too so be patient ☺ This recent heatwave has added to the already difficult task, but I dare say we'll have soon seen the back of it and normal, cooler conditions will be resumed, making our life that much easier

    Courage mon brave 😊


    See point 1 in particular, but point 4 is interesting me...

  • That's really interesting. I sweat massively when I exercise anyway but this weather has made it worse. That could well explain the problem yesterday.

  • I am training for a HM too and had a couple of bad long runs a few weeks back - had to lie down in the park after one. I think I hadn't really thought about fluid and fuel on the longer distances so now take some water and haribo jelly men with me. I am still tired afterwards but not the total exhaustion of those runs and have managed to extend my distances. The heat is a killer too as others have said. Good luck you have enough time to take it steady.

  • I found it difficult to work out what fluid and fuel I'd need in training and when and still don't think I get it right! If you're sweating more (a lot) put an electrolyte tab in your water and sip regularly on any run over an hour, less if it's really hot. Stopping for 1 minute to eat something small half way might help too. Good luck and remember a half marathon is tough training you're doing great!! 😀

  • Did you have any fluid or fuel on the way? I would also say to slow down as that sounds like you may have pushed yourself a bit too much. Presumably you have built up to the 13k? Dont forget the 10% rule when increasing your distance... please dont be disheartened you are doing really well.... :)

  • Hi

    I think you have got plenty of time , so please don't worry. If you can do 13k now , a HM is perfectly do-able .

    Ive got mine coming up in October so around about the same time as yours I would think. My longest run up to date is 14k , I am not too worried about the pace/speed I am more concentrating on completing the distance .

    I am finding the runs a bit of a slog but it has been so hot lately so I am putting it down to that. I know if I push myself too hard I can feel really sick, so I just tend to do them at a pace that feels comfortable for me . I always take water, raisins and a protein flapjack and have been having them at 5k then maybe 9k and 12k , just to keep myself ticking over .

    Good Luck and please keep posting, will be interesting to see how youre going on xxx

  • Hi Sorry to hear that you are finding things tough. Be reassured that everyone has these feelings that we may not make it. I think alot of running is a mind game and you have to believe that you can do it. You will always have bad runs and learning to beat them is a great learning curve cause thats what gets you through when you find it tough on race day. My aim with my first half was to enjoy it. Dont think about times if you need to try to slow down and see if that makes it easier!! Starting out too fast always made it harder for me too! take care & happy running

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