Ju-Ju's progress on speedy HM plan

Ju-Ju's progress on speedy HM plan

Getting quicker is really hard, especially as it's my lungs that seem to restrict me more ( I'm asthmatic) but slowly slowly catchy monkey!!!

In all honesty I don't think I've made much 'progress' but I've got my 5k time to 26.39 and I am running everyday and doing weekly intervals. I'm still not convinced about doing another busy road race as I love Panthering around in the wilderness. I do want to do the Eden Marathon though. I've had some nasty encounters with dogs lately and that really puts me off!!!

Quite pleased with my new drawing app and also found a slightly new route today :)

Happy Panthering everyone,


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  • Well done JJ. You are really putting in the work so deserve to see the benefits.

    I'm finding it difficult getting enough air in my lungs in this humid heat, and I know the asthmatics in the club are struggling too. So any progress is impressive. Ran my first sub 25 min 5k for a long time this morning, but finding the long runs really tough.

  • Well done you that's fab.... And I agree, I went out at 5.15 AM on Wednesday and I found the heat so stifling, it felt like there was no air ......

  • I don't have asthma but I have been wheezing terribly when trying to push it as per my last two races. I said of my race the other night that it felt like there was no air. When there's not a breath of wind or hint of a breeze it's tough work. It won't last though will it? Soon we'll be back to normal I'm sure. Then we'll be moaning about being cold and wet. Tee hee

    Just keep pushing Ju-Ju. What don't kill you .... an all that. I'm with you on the off-road thing. Far more fun isn't it than traffic fumes. There probably won't be probs with dogs on the Eden marathon though to be fair so don't rule it out ey

    You just stay on it Ju! Show them runs who's boss cat!

  • Thankyou...my quite tempted to go for it....

  • sounds like your 5k time is coming down well your catch me up soon! I haven't come close to my 5k best since April.

    Are you put off doing the Eden marathon because of dogs? do alot of dogs do that marathon? what have the dogs done to you lately? I had to scary encounter with some cows again the other day.

  • No I think the dog comment got tangled up with the marathon comment!!! I had a near miss with a nasty one today, and cows, they flipping terrify me!!!!

  • Sounds like a brilliant time to me - mine are getting slower and slower!

  • Thankyou, and I'm not surprised in this weather, it's hard....

  • Well done on a fab 5k time JJ, I think that's a super time especially maintaining it in this heat.

    Sorry I've not been around recently; but pleased to say I am progressing again albeit slowly.

    Keep going and doing what you're doing👏👏

  • So glad to hear that you are progressing.... And Thankyou too :)

  • well done on your 5k time, as you say, it takes a bit of time to speed up. And especially in this hot, airless weather. I have been puffing and plodding recently.

    Go for the Eden marathon - it looks lovely.

  • It's OK to be ploddy and huff and puff folks. We're getting out there and chewing up those miles so GO US! 😊

    We have to rejoice that we can run, and spare a thought for those on the injury couch. We hope the bench to be cleared ASAP ☺

  • As a fellow asthmatic I also find it hard getting enough air in. I have started going to a gym on a Sunday morning for a one to one session. I Have been working on leg strength following my knee problem last year. I am now working on trying to get extra air in to my system. Using a variety of chest expanding exercises and interval sessions. I managed to get some good PBs during the winter months up until Easter 25:19 for 5k and 53:33 for 10k in the same race in December and 2:01:36 off HM at Easter but have not been close since then. Maybe I will have accept I need it to be cold to run at my best.

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