I'm a marathon and ultra-marathon runner. I've been running for 25 years and particularly enjoy running anything from half-marathon distances to around the 50 mile mark. I'm a qualified fitness professional and nutritional advisor, so I know all the theories... But still need some accountability and support for myself! Looking forward to being a part of this group.

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  • thats a pretty long time to be running do you think its time to stop and have a sit down now? :)

    we are very glad to have you here and welcome to out little group, i have only been running coming up to 2 years (in August) by starting off on the c25k programme, i did my first marathon in April (Brighton) so a beginner really.

  • I admit to the occasional tea break... And I tend to stop running when I'm asleep, for health and safety reasons. :-D

    I've heard great things about C25K; well done on graduating and progressing so far so quickly. Running's such a fantastic thing to do, for all-round body and mind health.

    I've also heard good things about the Brighton marathon. Did you enjoy it? It's one I keep thinking I ought to do.

  • I have found so many good things about running i first started so that i could run around the block as i thought everyone should be able to do that. But as the distances increased i found other benefits like losing a lot of weight and being able to cycle to and from work and even running a few times.

    I loved the brighton marathon it was very good well untill about mile 23 it was great! Its a very well supported run lots of cheering crowds and fairly flat course, the industrial bit is a bit depressing as it near the end just as you need a boost. A few others on here did it this year too.

  • Running is honestly a lifeline for me. It's been a means of escape, celebration and survival, through lots of ups and downs. I love it!

    I really must do Brighton. It sounds a bit like the Ealing half marathon - really well supported and huge fun. I have a Good For Age place for the London Marathon next year, so I might postpone Brighton until 2018, to give London my best shot (I'm hoping to get a sub-03:30:00 time, though I know I'll have to really work hard for that!) but I'll definitely put it on my medium-term bucket list. :-)

  • You are most welcome... A wonderful pic too and wow we are all going to be in awe of you here 😎

  • Welcome Runenergy, I'm in awe of your running history and can see you being asked lots of questions! ☺. Like Ben, I have only run one marathon and have only been running a relatively short time.

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