Edinburgh Report

The weather was just right for the start of the Edinburgh Marathon, overcast, cool and no wind. There are 2 roads used for the start, each having several pens, I was in the 2nd to last pen on the slowest road, so we started off a good 10+ minutes after the Elite runners. The route is a net downhill course, beginning not far from the end of Princes Street and running down to the coast. The first 7 miles being through the suburbs and out to the seaside at Portobello. Then it follows the Firth of Forth for 10 miles passing through Musselborough and several villages before doubling back and finishing in Mussleborough.

I set off at a reasonably comfortable pace and reached half way in 2hrs 5 mins. I managed to maintain that pace up to about 18 miles (just after the turn). At this point the route passes through the grounds of Gosford House and the road changes from good surfaces to badly maintained road and gravel track for about a mile. The clouds had also disappeared by this stage and it was beginning to get really warm. There was very little breeze and I was beginning to overheat. There had been plenty of water on route and I had taken full advantage of these to dilute the Shot Bloks I had taken for energy. I also had a couple of bottles of diluted electrolyte sports drink that I was really grateful for.

By the time we had returned to a good surface I was not feeling as comfortable and at mile 20 I was beginning to struggle. Not so much with my legs, more with my ability to breath easily. My average had dropped a bit, but by 21 miles I was beginning to find it really difficult.

From 22 miles onwards I had to adopt a walk run strategy, 400 metres running and 100 metres walking just to get my breathing under control.

The crowds through Prestonpans and Musseburgh were fantastic and really helped get me through. About a quarter of a mile from the end one poor lady had collapsed at the side of the road, but she was being tended to by St Johns paramedics, just hope she was OK.

The last couple of hundred yards to the finish were on an aluminium runway. I tried my hardest to smile as I crossed the line, but definitely held my hands high! My best hope for a finish time was 4 hrs 30 minutes, so in spite of the last 4 miles of suffering I was really happy.

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  • Well done OG I had read somewhere that there wasn't much support out on the course, at least you got support when you needed it. Good report. I'm almost tempted (only almost). Good time too!

    Congratulations again.

  • OMG! I am worn out just reading that. It must have been so tough! The weather was on your side though which must have been a relief.

    I know it's a bit early, but would you run another one? Not tonight obviously 😊

  • I had already put in my application for London, but don't know if I'd put in for any other (at the moment😀). Thinking I will stick to 10 k's and half's at this precise moment, but there is always the desire to do better!

  • Thanks Annie. The support was sporadic as much of the route is out in the country, however it was very vocal and heartfelt as we went through the villages. That is also balanced with running along the coast and in fresh air.

  • Well done OG! I am totally in awe of anyone taking on a marathon, so huge congratulations coming your way from me! You stuck with it, despite the heat and huge demands of the distance! You should be really proud (albeit, probably a bit sore today!!)

  • Thanks Sandra, there are quite a few limping people in Edinburgh today! Surprisingly I don't feel too bad, just the front of my thighs ache and i feel as though someone has punched me in the stomach. Obviously need more core training.

  • Well done OG ! Oooh that sounds so tough ! Massive respect to you for digging in and getting through it .

    Many Many Congratulations to you , and I hope you have a well deserved, well earned rest now.

    Magnificent effort , Be very very proud of yourself ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! Resting until Saturday at least☺. Then a gentle parkrun.

  • Terrific effort, OG.

    I didn't realise the route went all the way out to Prestonpans and Longniddry (I used to have a girlfriend from Prestonpans). To hear that a great runner like you found the last 5 miles so tough really shows just how tough a distance a Marathon really is.

    Rest up now and I look forward to your GC upload.

    P.s. Musselburgh :)

  • He got it right 2nd time! 😆😆😆

  • Really? I see a Musselborough, a Mussleborough and a Musseburgh!

  • Yes you're right Mr D. Thats what I get for skim reading. I didn't even notice first time round. You must have eagle eyes!

  • Oops! Musselburgh 😊. Many thanks Mr D, but I think of myself more as a plodder! Must admit when I did my 22 mile training run, i was beginning to get breathless - not a nice feeling. I maybe pushed a bit too hard.

  • I was thinking about you on Sunday OG as those skies were clearing & the started poking its nose out. Hubster & guests kept saying bliss, I kept think marathon runners........

    Well done on a great run & for keeping going when it got uber tough, that's real determination.

    I doff my running cap to you sir. Xx

  • Thanks Noaky, but with 22 miles under my belt I was NOT going to give in.

  • East Fife- 5 v Forfar - 4 . Sorry, couldn't resist that , always hoped it would come out one day on Soccer Saturday ! :-D xxx

  • Thank goodness you had a reserve plan for when things got tough - and used it. I've enjoyed being part of your journey, your planning was meticulous! Awesome stuff, you are a STAR! XX

  • Thanks Sarah, you are very kind. I'm beginning to think there might be another marathon in my old legs, even though I vowed never again as I crossed the line. My preparation could have been better which might have helped avoid my 'crash' at the end.

  • Hats off to you OG, that was some race you ran. I agree with Sarah, your planning was meticulous and your journey has been a joy to follow. Have to say though, if you regard yourself as a plodder, God help the rest of us... xx

    Edit: The badge looks awesome!

  • Many thanks AM!

  • That's a great time well done

  • Thanks Benwell.

  • Behind you Ben!

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