Berlin here I come

I have been having a bit of a break from heavy duty running due to my chronic cough problem, major life upheavals and a touch of the blues. During the past month I have just been seeing my Pilates guru once a week and doing a Park Run every Saturday. However, I have suddenly realised that it is only 18 weeks till the Berlin marathon and it is time I knuckled down to a serious training plan. Professor cough has sorted my chest out with a combination of drugs-I barely cough at all now. But also I think a break from running has done me good mentally. I was feeling a little stale and running was becoming a duty. Now I feel energised and axcited and weirdly confident that I can do this (by 'do this' I merely mean finish in under 6 and a quarter hours and avoid being picked up by the dreaded sweeper bus). My celebratory tattoo is planned -indeed commissioned, and my supporters are pledged to attend. So here goes. Week 1 of the Ironman son's granny focused training programme starts on Sunday . Wish me luck!

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  • You don't need luck when you already have the ability and the drive; you *will* "do it", you are bound to. ;)

  • Aw thank you secan. I will try and remember your words at the dreaded Mile 20!

  • Way to go TT ☺ That's a long way to go for a run 😊 Berlin! Crikey!

    You're dead intrepid ☺ Respect!!!

    You'll take that race and kick it's ass 😈

  • Absolutely brilliant Turnturtle !

    Massive respect to you for taking up the challenge and it must be such a relief to have got rid of that troublesome cough at last !

    Good Luck and I look forward to reading about your training :-) xxx

  • Good luck - can't wait to hear about your journey to get there. Exciting times :)

    Talking of tattoos I read one today that said "Never regret something that once made you smile"

  • Ooh. I like that! But mine has been decided these past five years. Can't alter it now! Though 'If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun' seduced me briefly.

  • Five years in the making - you must be pretty certain by now! It is great to do it in celebration / recognition of a marathon too. I look forward to seeing it at the successful conclusion of your journey ☺

  • You will!

  • Oh I cant wait to see the tattoo TT, I know you are keeping it all under wraps as to what tattoo youre going to have , but where on your body are you going to have it ? :-)xxx

  • Discreetly (of course) on the inside arch of my foot Poppy. Which is why I can't have it now. Apparently I need a break from running and running shoes while the tatt heals!

  • Oh that sounds great, very discreet .

    Looking forward to seeing it , you will be unveiling it on here of course ?? :-) xxx

  • Of course! I could not unveil it anywhere else!

  • Correct answer ! :-D xxx

  • Great that the prof has sorted your cough! The rest will have done you good and you will smash Berlin!

  • That's brilliant TT, we all have faith in you here, training plan here you come!!!😊😆

  • Come on turnturtle, you can do this! If there is anything I can do to help you organise your trip from this end, please let me know.

  • Oh that is kind! Haven't even thought about actually 'getting' there yet!

  • I'm so pleased you're going ahead with both the marathon and the tatt, very brave on both! Keep us posted on your training progress over the coming weeks, won't you? XX

  • Be careful what you wish for CG!

  • Excellent news TT. Good old Prof Cough, you'll have to give him a mention in your victory speech. Very best of luck with the training regime- I'd be interested to know what IronSon thinks is an appropriate schedule for his IronMum. As Curly says, keep us informed xx

  • So pleased to hear your cough is sorted, and looking forward to hearing all about your training. And the tattoo - you are brave having it on the arch of your foot - isn't it going to be a bit painful? But then I am a total chicken about things like that!

  • Don't tell me that. You are one of several people to tell me so. I do not wish to know in advance. I want it to be a surprise!

  • Of course you can do it = that ironman son of yours got his genes from somewhere. Glad you are feeling back on track.

  • You are all so lovely. Thank you. Apart from Ironson I feel a bit isolated in my real life community . Oddball is the word I sense is whispered all too often among my fellow pensioners!

  • Oh im so pleased... And SO excited to read your running reports.... You have plenty of time... GO Turnturtle and get that tatoo!!!!

  • Perfect timing to prepare for the Marathon TT. I'm certain you will be ready and leave that bus miles behind you. Good luck with the tattoo, not brave enough to do that, however, sponsorship has now reached the point I will be running with green hair for mine!

  • Your be great and your smash it no doubt, good luck on those long training runs we are all behind you.

    Great to hear your professor cough has sorted you out there is nothing stopping you now just got those running shoes on and pound that pavement.

  • to paraphrase the usual football song: "Berlin! Berlin! Wir fahren nach Berlin!" ;) I didn't get in on the ballot for this year but will try again for 2017 :)

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