Running faster?

Since my marathon I seem to be a lot slower, not sure why, but maybe training for distance rather than speed has slowed me down. Anyway - I was doing a little Internet search for tips on running faster and came across this novel idea -

I wonder what people would say if I tried this out in the local park!

If anyone has any sensible ideas on picking up speed I'd be interested to hear them!

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  • Hehe I don't think I could wear that. I'm doing it the natural way. My main aim is to get faster by losing a few pounds eventually. There is even a calculator to say your predicted speed after weight loss.

    But seriously I deal with upping my speed by a sprint home. There is a stretch just on my way home that is great for pulling out all the stops and going for it. When I am HM training I never seemed to have enough in the bank at the end of a run, now as I get back to "normal" training I am looking forward to getting back to it again as I find it makes such a difference to my pace.

    I have tried intervals but I use my runs for stress relief and I find I can't relax enough on the shorter runs so just one maximum spurt seems to do it for me.

  • The Guardian Advaced running app has an interval run that takes approx 50 mins (including warm-up and cool- down jog) if you want something longer than Sprint . :)

  • Thanks for that I will have a look.

  • that weight loss thing is interesting, as the only time I managed a half marathon in less than 2 hours (by 1 minute!!) was when I did weigh a little less than I do now...

  • It could be cheaper just to carry a bag if bricks!

    On a more serious note, intervals and hill sprints. I noticed a drop in speed (over 5k) when I was doing my hm. I think you just get accustomed to the steadier slower ocean you need for the longer distance. The short sharp shock of incorporating some interval runs into your training will soon see you pick things up again.

  • Yep! I think the intervals and hill sprints it will have to be. ( better than a bag of bricks...!)

  • You have to get stronger and lighter, sorry to say 😊

    I find c25k+ podcasts work, running them thoroughly. Also running 3ks quick as poss. Also running 1k fast intervals - you run fast as poss for 1k then slow down to a jog to recover your breathing then repeat 3 times. Even running flat out between lamp posts or trees etc will help. You have to work at it. You use your arms more for going faster so strengthening makes sense. Running uphill helps you get fit and strengthens everything 😊 Builds lung power too so when you do run on th flat it seems easier

  • Thanks for the advice misswobble - I did actually go out this morning and did a few 'hills' - not for too long mind! I think I just need to mix it up a bit - intervals like you say and hills.

  • I've got lots of cheaper ideas. Imagine you've got DSK running behind you in a leopard-print g-string? Invite a three-year-old to come along with his bike, in the full knowledge that he/she will abandon the bike and demand that you carry both them and their bike for the rest of the run? Put a cake in the oven then do your k's and get home before it burns?

    Jokes apart, I'd avoid the parachute gadget (looks like things could get messy if you get the strings tangled up in the bushes...) and try the NHS speed programme once run a week. I haven't tried it myself, I'm just happy to have gone from my standard two-speed setting ('stop' and 'walk'), to three ('stop', 'walk' and 'run').

  • Thanks mfamilias - that made me laugh - especially carrying a 3 year old! Haven't done that for a while! Might try the speed programme - thanks for the tip.

  • I love that idea!!! And I rather like the 30,20,10 as it has improved my speed over 6 months by 4 minutes for a 5k!!!

  • Yes I do that sometimes - I just need to be a bit more focused I think. And make every run 'count'. That is a great improvement ju-ju- - wow! I think I will definitely do that once a week.

  • How does that work JJ?

  • The 30, 20, 10 looks good Eatcakeandrun - have you managed to try it out? I think I'll give this a go too.

    I try and do a one mile faster run once a week after a 10 min warm up.

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