London Marathon ballot 2016

London Marathon ballot 2016

Well the London marathon ballet how has now closed with a record number of entries with 253,930 people registering that's up 6,000 from last year which isn't so bad.   I believe there are 17,000 starting places for the ballot entries.     Good luck everyone I hope at least one of us gets in. 

Also well done to Shannon Foudy who was the one millonth finisher running in her 1st marathon at a time of 5hrs 45minutes, and running for her local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.   She only gets a special t-shirt and entry into next years race! 

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  • Yay! Go us! I don't like those odds, but I'm already thinking Marathon (and feeling somewhat daunted :)

  • I must admit I entered the ballot a week last Monday 😀

  • Good luck to everyone who entered the ballot - it's an amazing experience, so I hope you are successful. 

  • Thanks benwill, it's such an iconic marathon I'm not surprised so many have entered ... I was really gutted not to have got a place for the iGNR this year and So this evening I've pretty much decided - looking at the entry ballot numbers- in order to prevent another disappointment (after months of waiting, planning etc), to sign up for a marathon this year....Norfolk Coastal marathon in October.  

    Is it normal to feel hunched shoulders, a jittery tummy and possible panic attack at this point?? My stomach has gone into knots!

    So off for a quickie around the block and back, to calm myself down😊

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