New Shoes

New Shoes

I have been using Pearl Mizuno N3's and have 2 pairs that I have been alternating between.  5 weeks before the Marathon and both are worn out :-( .  

My recent long runs have revealed that I needed a bit more cushioning (tender feet) and more support (tend to roll the foot more when tired) so have gone for Saucony Phoenix 8's.  

Still have time to break them in or buy another pair of Mizuno's if they don't work for me.  My shoe cupboard is now nearly as full as Imelda Marcos's!

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  • Hi o_g, they're nice! I hope they're perfect for you😀. All the others will be great for ...oh Gardening? Walking?

    I am really interested in  your post because I needed to change from stability (mizuno 11's) shoes to cushioned ones after a good gait assessment - but I  realise that  as I have increased distance that I pronate at around the  7 - 9 mile mark.. to the point where I believe I would benefit from stability shoes. So I'll look into that, thank you.

    You must have done huge mileage  -  lots of shoes there. I hope these reduce the pronation and sore feet; let us know. 

  • DOH!!!  I meant Pearl Izumi's not Mizuno's.  (I have a pair of Mizuno wave 11's as well.)

  • oh new shoes jealously. i need new shoes but been told i need to wait till after our holiday. 

  • I want them... very sexy colours 👌

  • Gave them a trial run this morning - nice and comfy!

  • Ha ha, mine too!😊  

    I have a pair of lightweight Saucony's but save them for shorter faster runs in the dry as the uppers are fragile to say the least.  I had to return one pair with hardly any miles on them

    For the donkey work I use brooks.  I tried on mizuno and liked them as they are generous in the toe box

    I hope you like your new shoes!  Have fun 😊

  • Oh dear that's bad news MissW!  My first 2 pairs of running shoes were Saucony, but I didn't do long runs in them (mostly about 5k).  Hoping that these last or I will be in trouble with Mrs OG!

  • Benwill  Buy the shoes. No-one will know 😊

    If you buy the exact same ones ..... 😉

  • Lovely shoes! I also have quite a few pairs, including 3 exactly the same but with different amounts of mileage in them! I work out which is newest but how much the laces have faded. 

  • My Pearls have numbers 1 and 2 marked on the tongues :-)

  • Ive got  L and R marked on mine , Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Cor ! Lovely shoes OG ! 

    Happy Feet ! :-) xxx

  • Ooh nice colours!hope they are magic comfy shoes for you 😆

  • OOh Saucys! Nice colours, sort of sedate and lairy at the same time! Hope they work for you xxx

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