Good luck London marathon and others!

I know it's late - and I'm new here but a big shout out to Everyone running in the London marathon tomorrow ! Good luck and all the very best - you're great💗💗

.....and everyone and anyone doing Unknown 9k races, 10k's, 22 milers (you know who you are)! And to everyone donning their run gear and just getting out there, I'm inspired x

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  • Hear Hear ! Good Luck ya"ll xxx

  • Good luck Eatcakeandrun ActonHighStreet and  Wristy am sure your all be great and will smash it. 

  • You star, thanks for posting! Yes good luck to ActonHighStreet , Wristy and Eatcakeandrun  doing the London Marathon, go run, take it steady, fuel and get in your zone. Most importantly ENJOY it... I so wish I'd got in... Maybe next year 😎 And good luck to anyone else racing or running today..... It's a gorgeous day 😎

  • Gorgeous day? It's raining here in Kent 

  • Thanks all!

  • Good luck everyone!

  • No luck needed.  You have trained and will smash.

    Have a blast all xxx

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