Polling polling

Polling polling

You may ( or may not) have seen my new poll on here?? It was a test to see if we like them as a group, or we don't ( it would appear we don't !)

The result is that 12% of you answered so I think most of you don't like them. However, that aside I have decided to have a poll week anyway!!

Starting from today I am going to post a poll a day to build up an interesting picture of us and I will share the results as a series of fun coloured pie charts :)

Some will be more fun than others :)

don't eat coal, do a poll

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  • Hi JJ, didn't notice the poll until you pointed it out.  Will keep my eyes open now.

  • I'll keep,posting to say it's up...

  • I like them but didn't see it 😕 Sorry xx will have a look out though

  • I love polls and cannot resist doing them.


    I did not see your poll last week. I've tended to just see 'Posts' and not switch to the 'Polls' view on the site. Maybe you want to post a quick message whenever there is a new poll??

  • Got it... Thanks for the tip!!

  • It came through to me on an email just now!I like them, keep them coming!!😊

  • Look out for tomorrow's... 🍄

  • polls are great! i got my notification via email. 

  • Poll view?   

    I did the poll miss 😊

  • I like 'em, been away fort a bit, I'm back now and will certainly join in if I see them xxx

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