Eden anyone?

Eden anyone?


Anyone fancy this? I have done the HM twice and it is a fabulous run, very hilly but wild and not too crowded. When i did it you got a pint and a pasty at the finish along with a gorgeous t shirt and medal. If my marathon goes OK in April I may well do the marathon if not then the half. Pic is me finishing in 2014.

Also- please let me know about your events so I can fill up our calendar ( even if its a virtual one).

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  • Sounds lovely, but it's a week after the Tissington Trail Half Marathon that quite a few from the facebook group are doing - not sure how many if any are in this group. Can you add it to the events please (8 Oct)?

    Maybe next year....

  • Added :)

  • Love the photo! It sounds lovely, but it's not long after the Ealing Half that I have signed up for: 25th September. Not sure my legs would take it!

  • Added :)

  • enjoy Ealing - it was my first HM last year and the crowds were amazing!

  • I have done 3 - but missed last year as we were away at a wedding. But you are right - great atmosphere!

  • What a fab picture jj!

    Do you want my humble 10k events too?😕

  • Yes I do, we want to cheer you on :)

  • Sounds a fab event. Not sure I'll be ready for it this year but I've put it on my future list. Hubby is investigating whether it might be his first HM.

    PS Love the photo. Just brilliant

  • It is, you will both love it. It is quite hilly but family get free entry to the Eden project and it's v well organised ( my brother in law is events organiser there)

  • I really do fancy this but it's soooooooooo far! Love the Eden Project :)

    I'm going to Cornwall for a "long weekend" in a couple of weeks mind you, for a friend's wedding.

    Maybe one day! :D x

  • You must I think you would love it, and the bling is superb X

  • like others I am waiting to see how London goes before I commit to any other races. Looks great though and would be great fun to have a whole community of us there racing!

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