Last week the husband went to Europe on a 'business tour' and came back hacking and coughing after several misspent nights on the town.. I did my best to avoid him but inevitably the lurgy has now infected me . I have spent the last three days inhaling menthol and eucalyptus and knocking back every cough remedy known to man , I have also not run since Monday, on the basis that rest and recovery were more important than doing taper week runs. I fear it is all to no avail. My voice has gone. I am hot as hell. Bang goes my expensive train ticket and expensive entry and all those months of training. Think I'm going to cry...

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  • Oh no... That's not good. You may improve by Sunday it's still 3 days away?? Rest up and get better :)

  • THat is my thinking JJ. Have taken myself to bed with all my meds and my laptop. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? I certainly shan't run if I feel no better than this but I have not given up yet!

  • Sending healing vibes over X

  • Oh Sweetie, this is awful. Blasted germs, they're getting everyone this winter. :( :(

    The trouble is, if you're crocked, your crocked. If it was a muscular niggle or twinge you could maybe risk it and then walk of it all went pear shaped, but a germ complete with a temperature is another matter. You have to listen to your body and do what is right for you.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you discover a miracle cure but, if you don't, then here's a big hug and some healing soothing vibes heading your way to help you feel better. Take care TT, wrap up warm and make sure MrTT runs around after you, fulfilling your every wish, as penance for infecting you in the first place. xxxx

  • I will AM. I'm not going to be silly. But neither am I going to be defeatist. Think I will use my train ticket and join Ironson In London tomorrow whatever. The vibes between me and my infector are not good! Oh, and by the way if, PC policeman Bazza is lurking, I am not depressed- I am merely thoroughly cheesed off! ;-)

  • Get well soon (preferably in the next 2 days)!!!

  • Oh TT ! ,

    You must feel as sick as a chip !

    Rest up and see how you feel , I can imagine Mr TT is in loads of trouble now ! :-) xxx

  • He claims it is really not his fault Poppypug but I need someone to blame and I am not going to let him off the hook that easily....

  • How are you today?

  • Lots of noisy coughing thank you for asking Roseabi but I'm looking at that as a positive sign . Normal temperature. Back to the steam inhaling!

  • Sounds a lot better! Sending fairy dust and tissues your way... :)

  • Get well soon TT ! What bad timing for you, hope you still make it to your HM, sometimes these lurgys can go quite quickly, hope this is so xxx

  • Hope you are feeling much better today. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks eat cake. I am still coughing like a good in but there's 24 hours to go . Off to marshal at Park Run now. Hoping that will inspire me!

  • How are you doing? I so hope much better ready for today?? Xxx

  • Thanks Jj. Can't you sleep either? ;) not 100 per cent but going to give it a slow go!

  • I get v nervous before an event so I never sleep well!!! I'm so glad you are... Take it slowly and steady and enjoy the entertainments as you go round. Look out for me and grab me if you see me and I will do the same although it's quite difficult recognising people!!!

  • The chances seem slim to but so they were when poppy pug and I ran the Leeds 10k and magnetic attraction brought us together somehow! Good luck today xx

  • You too xxx

  • Bluddy coughs!!!!! Hacking coughs enough to shake the house to its foundations. BAh! I drank Robotussin from the bottle. I lost the little measure thing. It rolled under the bed or somewhere. You just think to hell with it don't you when you're mid hack.

    I thought my race was well and truly off, being I got the date of it wrong, so I actually had another 7 days to get right. Good job my organisation was rubbish on this occasion.

    WEll, as I read your posts in the wrong order, I now know you must have rallied in time as you did it! Well done TT. I said you was made o' girders!

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