Running in Bad air? ☁️

My son and I watched an interesting episode of Dispatches about the effects of air pollution and as an asthma sufferer I am very interested because of my running. It makes sense now that I am drawn to the woods to run ( although it lies at the foot of the airport!!!). Some interesting articles.....

What do you think? Do you try and avoid polluted areas for your running, have you felt any effects? do you not have much choice where you run??


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  • My normal routes are a combination of quiet country roads and trail, and busier sea front roads - and I definitely notice the difference in the air quality when I come off the trail and onto the road. I reckon in the summer its going to be worse with the warmer weather and increase in volume / slower speed of traffic.

    Luckily I don't suffer from asthma, but I think I would struggle on the roads here if I did :-(

  • i always want to run along the sea fronts, when ever i stay with the in-laws at Eastbourne i try and get one run in along the sea front so refreshing and clean.

  • I live on the edge of my town so i have two choices go run trails or go run into town, I prefer trails any day of the week more mud, more fun, more alone and really quite and at one with nature. But at the moment i rarely goout on the trails due to my trail shoes being rubbish and it being dark alot of the time.

    So lately i been running around town and road running, but i always try and run through the park or along the river (paved) not because of pollution just because its nicer, the traffic noise annoys me more then the pollution.

    I have never felt that i have been affected by pollution i always fell tired and worn out!

  • I regularly start my runs on Horn Lane, which is often described as the most polluted street in London and then turn onto the A40 in an area the locals call "Leadville".

    I'm sure it's not doing me any good.

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