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I'm keen to know how you find intervals.. ❤️ Or ☠.

I have been trying to do these weekly:

They are HARD but I really enjoy pushing myself and I know they are working too. I do find my legs are sore still 2 days after, I think the rest days are key.

What is everyone else's experience and thoughts/ recommendations on intervals?

Have a great weekend of running,


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This week I started 30-20-10-ing in the swimming pool, inspired by this article in the NY Times. So far I think it's a keeper - a bit tricky if someone's in the way, and I sometimes think I'm going to drown, but it's mostly rather fun!

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to roseabi

Wow that looks fun, and it's such a great interval session!!

parkrun :-)

long training runs :-)

5km tempo run :-)

hills :-)

intervals :-( :-( :-( hard work

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turnturtleMarathon in reply to ju-ju-

I downloaded a 60:30:10 App when you first mentioned this JJ and do it once each week in place of the Jeff Galloway 'gliders' and cadence drills, which require too much thinking for my liking. I really like it. Only time and the Bath half marathon will tell whether it has brought the required results.

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to turnturtle

Fantastic, and I hope I meet you at the Bath half??


I hate fast intervals as they are so hard and I am 58 ☺ They might increase lung power blah blah but they are hell on the legs. I have taken to doing mine on the trail to mitigate that somewhat. I am running more up hills to try and achieve the same thing. Easier on the legs too ☺

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to misswobble

Trail is a great idea, and you are super fast anyway!!!!


I might be a bit of a glutton for punishment but I really like interval sessions! before my HM I was doing time-based sessions, for the Mara I have changed this to distance reps. All of my effort sessions are on Tuesdays now as well. Last week was 3x 1600m, before that it was 12x 200m, 8x 800m... all with some built in recovery. Really helps!!

dagsharHalf Marathon

I tried the 30-20-10 this morning on my run to work and really enjoyed it it was slightly adapted, so I ran the first km very gently and then did the intervals during the second and fourth km with a whole k recovery in between and at the end. After all I didn't want to be completely knackered when I got to work. Managed 5-6 reps in each km and it was a nice distraction. Will certainly do this again!

I read this a couple of weeks ago, but only just got around to it. Just came back from first session where I did 3x the 30-20-10 sandwiched between 2x 10 minutes easy run/jog. It's hard work, but fun. Although next time I won't start it in a muddy field followed by a steep hill! I am going to try it once a week too Juicyju and see how it goes.

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Eatcakeandrun

Well done, and you will see a difference.....

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