I did a search and could not find any related post. I am training for a half marathon next month and a friend sent me this link:

OK, it's in Women's Running, but I am sure it refers to blokes too. I stopped eating greens due to a digestive issue so I am considering taking a magnesium supplement, certainly until the HM is over. Might sort out my aches and pains.

Does anyone have any comments about the importance of magnesium in our diet especially with respect to running?

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  • I'm not sure about running related benefits, but it is supposed to be a good 'heart health' mineral. I remember reading about it in relation to pre-menopausal palpitations and having a magnesium deficiency is supposed to be a partial cause, I think.

  • Probably not a problem that I personally need worry about....

  • No, probably not - but it is generally supposed to be good for both male and female hearts :-)

  • I read that article too and it made me think...

    A couple of links above .. there has been lots of debate on my FB running blog about the benefits of epsom salts ( see article attached) and also the benefits of a magnesium spray which one of the group swears by. I always think something is worth a try if it might help!!

    Always good to eat a balanced diet but I have to say i am rubbish at doing that!! Good luck on your HM...

  • Thank you! And you with yours. I've just been given a word of warning. Some supplements are not good at being absorbed by the body. Like Magnesium Oxide - which I've just bought dammit.....oh well.

  • I am on thyroid medication for low thyroid function. Over the years before diagnosis my vitamins got out of whack because of it and with the help of my doctor we got all my results levelled out. I have just had a big health check that did all my potassium/magnesium iron, ferritin and the like and they all came back bang in the middle. it was for an in depth medical to be a kidney donor and the consultant said a good ( good as in source not price) multi vitamin and mineral is sufficient as it is regulated to your needs and correct absorption. He has advised me against individual supplementation if it's not required. So when my training gets more intense I take one multi vitamin and mineral to help with depletion prior to a event then after a couple of weeks ease off again till the next heavy training. I know it can a controversial topic so I'm only talking about my individual needs.

  • That's interesting...I know diet is important but I am not a greens eater nor do I take lots of nuts and seeds so I wonder if my magnesium levels are OK....I do like bananas, though and try and have milk and/or yogurt every day, so.... I suspect the jury's out on this and everyone needs to do what works for them.

  • I wouldn't rule out greens - or any other food - in favour of a supplement. I'd rather know why I can't tolerate greens. Is that all greens or just a few? I think you need to find out

    We need our diets to be the best we can be especially when we think about running long distances. We are what we eat and to pull this off you need a seriously good diet. I know some of the younger runners seem to be able to get away with running marathons on burgers and such like, but as we get older it's not that simple. Green veg contain what we need! I'm a bit of an evangelist about this, had you guessed. LOL

  • Yes you are! You are right about greens but since I seriously cut down on them my gassy gut problems have disappeared. I am with you with favouring natural over chemicals but in this case...I have started a course of Magnesium citrate and will stop once this HM is done.

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