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Thinking of registering for a HM...........eeek!

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I have been running for around eighteen months, built slowly. Did my first 10k in Feb this year and my first 10 k event in March as a 60th birthday treat.

I have a couple more 10ks events in the diary. In March 2018 I am registered for a 10 mile event. I’ve had input from a physio recently which hopefully will help my running technique so I can begin building again now.

I seriously tempted to sign for a HM for late April 2018. I am very slow.

It’s a trail route, I’m not too keen on the big road events. There is a marathon and ultrathon at the same time. That means they won’t be waiting for slow old me to finish, which I like the idea of.

Any advice on whether a 10 mile early March and a HM late April sounds achievable please?

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Many HM training plans suggests that you only practise up to 16 km during training runs, because the excitement and adrenaline from the race* will help you find hidden energy reserves that can carry you the last 5 km during the race*. So with that in mind, it sounds like a brilliant idea to train and race* 10 miles in early March, then instead of taking time off to recover just add an extra month of practise before tapering for a late April HM.

You'll do great Millsie. You can totally do this.

* when I say "race" I do not refer to the speed, but simply to "an organised run where some people like to run faster than normal, but not everybody, and it's totally fine to do what we want to do" :)

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Millsie-J in reply to Tomas

Thank you Tomas. That was my thoughts really, if I CAN get to 16 it would be rude not to then go for the extra to get to HM distance .

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Utterly doable!

Which event is it?

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Millsie-J in reply to roseabi

Im thinking Longhorn, its my way on, Miss Wobble and AnnieMurph rate the bling, and its all about the bling. I know its not an easy one but the 10mile event is trail too.

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roseabiPartner in reply to Millsie-J

It looks wonderful!

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Hi Jacs, Im a Millsie too ! I had it printed on my HM race number last year :-)

Yes I would say definitely go for it , it is achievable and you can have a look at the My Asics plans if you fancy them . They really helped me with my training , it was good to have the discipline of the plan and the structure of it really helped me in keeping motivated .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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Millsie-J in reply to poppypug

Thanks pops! I followed a Myasics for getting to 10k, well more or less. I did a bit of Myasics, and my own thing ...... sort of used it as a guide I suppose.

I need to get my distance back up now my physio has got my knee sorted . Who would have thought it, me aiming for a HM🤔

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poppypugMarathon in reply to Millsie-J

Anything is possible Millsie ! :-)

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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I agree with the others - definitely doable. Your plan gives you plenty of time to go from 16K in early March to 21K in late April.

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Millsie-J in reply to C3PO

Thank you C3PO, i am going to do it!

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You have entered this right? I mean why wouldn't you. Go one sign up that's right or just give me your debit card and I can do it all for you. (this favour is open to anyone willing to send me there debit or credit card)

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Millsie-J in reply to benwill

Ive entered the march 10 mile but only entered the 10k for April. I can change it to the HM whilst there are still places.......

Im going to do it👍🏼

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aliboo70Half Marathon

Go for it! Sounds like a good plan and focus for you 😊🏃🏃🏃✔

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Millsie-J in reply to aliboo70

Thanks Ali, i am going to go for it😀

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Ooh I am also toying with a hm in April 2018. I trained to 10 miles this month and am now sorting out my niggling ankle that has flared up with new gaited trainers. I am hoping it will settle down so I can progress to hm. I didn't realise that hm plans only take you to 10 miles, eek. I usually like to know I have run the distance before an event. Sounds like you should go for it, you have time to slowly progress to 10 miles and then progress some more afterwards. Book it!!!

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Millsie-J in reply to Hidden

I’m on it D, we can both do this 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Hidden in reply to Millsie-J

I admit i havent yet booked mine though (hides in shame). I just wish i had someone to support me round and to encourage me in my training. The hm is in my city so very local and I was coming around to the route but now they are changing it for 2018, grrr.

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Millsie-J in reply to Hidden

Go on, book it😀

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Personally that sounds very doable to me.... go for it!!! 😎

It's definitely doable. Just don't put yourself under any pressure for a time and enjoy it!

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AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Woohoo! We will be there, Wobble and me, but we are only signed up for the 10k. Go you! I think misswobble would have happily signed up for the HM but I wimped out because the terrain is too rough for wimpy ol' me! You're right, though, there will be no time pressure at all, and the organisers are great so you can just enjoy yourself :)

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😁 I'm quite happy with the 10k Murph 🏃‍♀️👍

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Have you thought of joining a run club RunfasterD? 🙂 That would give you support

Most peeps on here run solo I think, for,the long distances least ways It is logistically easier. I like a plan! If I have one I am more focussed and it keeps me motivated. If I have my music on I am happy pootling along 🙂

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