More Bad News for the New Years!!!!! - Male Breast Cancer

Male Breast Cancer

More Bad News for the New Years!!!!!

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This was the good news for the beginning of the new year!

Had my knees X-Rayed today and seen Dr. Sathoff. My knees are great and I don't need to see him for another year. Seen Dr. Ahmad my heart doctor today and he had me stop the Plavix today and just increased my baby aspirin to two a day. I don't see him for six months now. He was also very happy with me today

Now for all the other bad news!!!

Here is my bone scan which has me worried; NUC MED BONE SCAN WHOLE BODY - Details • Details Study Result Impression Multifocal areas of abnormal radiotracer uptake suspicious for multifocal osseous metastatic disease. See details above. Consider correlation with dedicated radiographs of the left shoulder, right elbow, and left foot to further assess these findings. The calvarial findings would be better assessed by CT. Radiotracer uptake associated with the T7 vertebral body may be related to healing response given the presence of a compression fracture on the CT from 10/25/2018. Underlying osseous lesion is not excluded. See the Radiology Information System for this patient for the radiopharmaceutical type and quantity. Reading Radiologist - Sjoberg, Brett Releasing Radiologist - Sjoberg, Brett Dictation Date Time - 01/03/2019 12:45 Signed Date Time - 01/03/2019 15:09 Transcriptionist - 198002971 Narrative NUC MED BONE SCAN WHOLE BODY, 1/3/2019 12:45 PM, Monroe Clinic INDICATION: C67.8: Malignant neoplasm of overlapping sites of bladder ADDITIONAL CLINICAL INFORMATION: Ordering Provider Reason For Exam: Neoplasm: bladder, staging Technologist Note: Additional: History of metastatic breast cancer. Biopsy proven metastatic breast cancer in the right iliac bone. COMPARISON: CT from 10/25/2018. Chest x-ray from 11/14/2018. Radiograph of the right knee. DOSE: 20.1 mCi of technetium 99m-MDP was administered intravenously via the left wrist. FINDINGS: Multifocal areas of abnormal osseous uptake are identified. This includes a large lesion in the right sacrum, which was previously biopsied and found to be metastatic breast cancer. There is abnormal uptake at the left shoulder which may represent uptake within the left scapula/base of the acromion, based on the retrospective appearance of ill-defined sclerosis in that region on the radiograph of the chest from 11/14/2018. There is also a history of a remote left clavicle fracture but this appears to be medial to the area of abnormal radiotracer uptake. This finding is suspicious for metastatic disease. Additional punctate uptake is present at the right acromioclavicular joint which may be degenerative. There is abnormal radiotracer uptake associated with the T7 vertebral body, noting a compression fracture present at that location on the CT from 10/25/2018. This is nonspecific and may be due to healing response with an underlying osseous lesion not excluded. There is abnormal uptake associated with the anterior skull on the left, suspicious for metastatic disease. There is marked abnormal uptake in the right elbow, likely in the ulna, suspicious for metastatic disease. Nonspecific uptake in the region of the right sternoclavicular joint does not have a definite correlate on the prior CT and considerations would include degenerative changes versus a small metastatic lesion. Abnormal uptake associated with the left midfoot is nonspecific as this may be degenerative or reactive. There is normal physiologic uptake of radiotracer elsewhere with activity identified in the bilateral renal collecting systems and the urinary bladder.

And it continues with Blood Test Results

Two more results came in this morning: CANCER ANTIGEN 27.29

Mine = 103.9 U/mL

Standard = 0.0 - 40.0 U/mL


Mine = 109 U/mL

Standard = 0 - 31 U/mL

And one more to put the icing on the cake!!!!



Your Value = 5.1 ng/mL

Standard Range = 0.0 - 3.0 ng/mL