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Breast Cancer Cell arrive again for me after 13 years

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I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in November 2005. I had a complete Mastectomy and nineteen Lymph Nodes removed. A port was put in my chest and I received six months of hard Chemo. When that was completed I was put on Tamoxifen for twelve years and at each visit with my Doctor I was told I was cancer free! Well it has been thirteen years now and I was just told two days ago that I have a Lesion on my right lung and right hip, both are cancer once again! I was also told that I had many tumors inside my bladder which are now all removed and that was another form of cancer. So now I see my Oncologist and Urologist this Thursday December 13, 2018 to see what will be happening this time around. During my 2005 breast cancer fight I contacted the American Cancer Society multiple times and no one ever called me or came to see me. WHY? This is just the wrong way to run a Cancer Society..... I suppose it will be the same thing this time around because I am a Man!😒😒

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So Upchuck, sounds like you are not a happy camper after that Cancer surprise. I’m in the same situation. My Cancer was in remission and like you, I was told I was ok only to find after 6 years it spread to my right lung. What can I do? cancers normal progression is the lungs. I knew that from day one. That is why every six months, I had my lungs checked at the Abramson Cancer Hospital. I can keep on, however we should talk. You have questions I have questions. I’m not sure when I received this, so it will bring us both up to date. Please try to relax. Cancer is no longer a death sentence. It’s serious and must be treated properly. From what I have picked up, you have questions as to why the American Cancer Society failed to contact you. I’m sure in addition, you have other question you would like answered. My name is Joe Glowacki 609-458-9036 I live in Southern N.J. Just across the river from Philadelphia. Give me a call; I'm sure we can both help each other. πŸ’˜ πŸ™πŸ’˜πŸ™πŸ’˜πŸ™πŸ’˜πŸ™

Hello JoeGlow.

Yes I was nnot a Happy person when the American Cancer Society did not return my calls, my Wife's calls, and my Doctor also called them. I really don't know what the issue was and why they did not return any of the calls that were made to them. Well that is water under the bridge now. I have a very good Group of Doctors and Nurses now that are handling my Cancer.

Here is what I was told during the meeting with two of my Doctors;

December 13, 2018 I was looked at by two Doctors today. Dr. Hegeman (Oncology) and Dr. Moore (Urology) I have to Restart the Tamoxifen for the Cancer as this might be long term. I will have a Blood Draw January 3, 2019 and that blood will be compared to the Cancer Markers that are in my blood to see if the Tamoxifen is working. Dr. Hegeman also discussed Point Radiation if I start to hurt from the Cancer Lesion. I am to have a Bone Density Scan done sometime in January. I am to get the T-7 Fracture repaired as soon as possible so other treatments can be started. The T-7 repair is to be done Friday December 21 st in Rockford. I also have a tooth cavity that needs to be filled before the Therapeutic Infusion can start which is do to start January 10, 2019 and will take 30 minutes. I will need this Infusion every three months. I have the appointment to have my tooth cavity repaired on December 19, 2018 so that will be done. The issues with the infusion is it can cause problems with the jaws and any bad teeth so Dr. Hegeman want the Tooth Cavity done as soon as possible. There were discussions about maybe adding more Cancer Medications if the Tamoxifen does not start to bring the markers down in my Blood. SO FAR NO CHEMO!

Dr. Moore my Urologist will go back into my bladder with the scope January 24, 2019 to see if the Tumors have started to grow again. He made the statement that he thinks he will see more Tumors growing. If this is the case then I will go back into surgery at another date and Dr. Moore will remove them again. After I am healed inside my bladder Dr. Moore want to then put a small dose of Tuberculosis into my bladder if the Tumors were present. I will have to hold that dose inside my bladder as long as I can and maybe up to two hours. This will send a lot of my bodies immune antibodies in to fight the Tuberculosis and the Cancer Tumors. The downside of this treatment is Severe Burning when urinating, Urgency to go to the bathroom, More frequent visits to the bathroom, being tired and the Tuberculosis could go to other parts of my body. So here is my update for now.

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I forgot to ask, how old you are? Where do you live? I'm going to be 77 on New years day. I live in southern New Jersey, Southampton. If you want to chat, I'm always available. 609-458-9036. πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™

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I just turned 65

I live in a little village of 1500 people. Warren, Illinois

I would sure like to see my 80's like my Grandfather and my Dad

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Hi Upchuck Whatever your experience with other cancer agencies might have been, good that you have found your way here. We're a small but growing Male Breast Cancer support group. You now have brothers you didn't expect in life, but, know that most of what you are experiencing is a mirror of most of the guys are no longer alone.

Well I had a complete checkup today for Medicare with my Primary Doctor and it went pretty well. My blood pressure was great along with all the other tests he preformed. We discussed the Cancer that was found in my Bladder, the Lesion on my right hip and the Lesion that was found on my right lung. Tamoxifen was started a couple of days ago and since they have a marker for the Cancer in my blood they will be able to see of those numbers come down. If they do not at my next blood draw another Cancer medicine will be started along with the Tamoxifen. The first week of January Dr. Moore my Urologist will go back inside my bladder with the scope to see if the Cancer Tumors are starting to grow again. If they are then I will be sedated and Dr. Moore will go back inside my bladder and remove the Tumors again. Then the decision will be made on what will happen to try and stop the growth of those cancer tumors.

I see the Dentist tomorrow to have a cavity filled incase I need to have the infusion done the first week of January. The infusion will take (30) minutes and I will have to have this done once a month for three months to strengthen my bones. Dr. Hegeman my Oncology Doctor want to do a bone scan the first week of January to see if there are anymore Lesions anywhere else in my body.

This Friday I will head to Rockford to the Pain Management Clinic to see Dr. Dahlberg/Surgeon to have my T-7 Fracture fixed. This should stop the pain in the middle of my back and when I bend over. The did this Fracture when I fell on some planks and landed on my back during Goose Hunting with my middle Son and Granddaughter. A lot of things happening in the next couple of weeks. All for now.