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Male Breast Cancer

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Secondary Breast cancer in men

After having Mastectomy and Chemo (2018) and 18 months of tamoxifen I have now b...

Covid19 clinical trials

Malecare with our partner Antidote, created a COVID-19 specific clinical trial a...

Four Brief and Calm COVID19 videos for Male Breast Men

Four (five minutes long) video's from Malecare Board of Director member Vincent ...
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Has anyone here ever made a video or blog post for pharmaceutical company?

Has anyone here ever made a video or blog post for pharmaceutical company?

How to read research

How to value research papers. Easy to understand article that you might conside...

What does your body say about you?

Which part(s) of your body express who you are? What does that part tell us abo...

Welcome new members!

Please introduce yourself

Malecare honors the members and veterans of the Military Medical Corps...and military members and veterans, everywhere.

Malecare honors the members and veterans of the Military Medical Corps...and mi...

What is Male Breast Cancer Data?

What does the phrase, Male Breast Cancer Data mean to you? To me, it means I am...

I think I have breast and throat cancer

I’m new to this page. I have a giant lump behind 1 nipple and several lumps in m...

More Bad News for the New Years!!!!!

This was the good news for the beginning of the new year! Had my knees X-Rayed t...

Breast Cancer Cell arrive again for me after 13 years

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in November 2005. I had a complete Maste...

Emotional support resources

Many international calls are free or affordable with SKYPE and many other apps. ...

New member with recurring metastatic cancer

Recurrence with metastatic breast cancer in liver and bones. Meds are keeping it...

New Male Breast Cancer Awareness Video

Men die from Breast Cancer at a higher rate than women.

Male Breast Cancer Poetry & Verse Book Project

So few understand our malecare breast cancer ladden lives. We think awareness wi...

Happy Valentine's Day from your Male Breast Cancer Community

Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE in our community. No matter if you post and r...

Breast cancer advocate

Hi, I'm Ambrose. I was diagnosed in 2001. Nice to meet everyone.

My answer to Mastectomy

I was self conscious immediately after my Mastectomy but as I got used to it I n...

Cancer reoccured mets in bone and liver

doagnosed on Aug23 2017 with reocurring er+ hers2~ breast cancer mets in liver a...

I wish my doctor told me....

Please finish the sentence, \"I wish my doctor told me...\" below as a reply.

Who has had a Mastectomy?

Who out there has had a mastectomy? How has it effected your body image? Joel

Introducing Myself and My goals for this Group

Hello Protectthepecs, Twinship, Bob and John, I want to welcome you men to this ...

Welcome And Why We Need To Be Here

Welcome to the Malecare online support group for men, their families, caregivers...


If you’ve just arrived as a Male Breast Cancer support group member, this is whe...
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