Fondmoment Memory Diary

Fondmoment Memory Diary

Hi to all, I have stumbled over a idea. Just trying to get some feed back, I have place details on to EBay. As it was the cheapest way to get the idea on the web, enter Fondmoment Memory Diary in to EBay. I am not asking any one to buy, any feed back is welcome. Alzheimer/Dementia slowdown, if you look at details on EBay. You can read short story, how I stumbled over this idea.

Regards Colin.


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4 Replies

  • That looks interesting. I'm fascinated with all this technology that is coming out for people w/ dementia and alzheimer's. It's nice to know people are paying attention to the needs of the families and carers

  • Hi, thank you for your interest. If you would like to ask a ? on EBay, that would be great. I am just trying to get feed back on my idea, I have sent the details to any one that says the word Alzheimer/Dementia, as I said, I just stumble over this. This idea seems to have help me, by using the part of the brain which all memory are stored. Seems to be like your Hard drive on your P.C.,all your life memorys are there in some file. I have sent this idea to lots of well none parties, some time I thought I was taking double Dutch. No one could see the big picture, there are three parts to Fondmoment Memory Diary. (1) Note book to jot down some details of you life story, or family story. (2) photos on your P.C. or Lap top (3) make a movie of your life story or Family story. This is not a curor, but if we start at a early stage. It may help with how momory later in how lifes. This idea can be transleted, so it can help any one in the World. This Idea as such a long way to go, but I have time to do it, as I was made redundent last year and still out of work. Please keep in contact. Regards Colin Springthorpe

  • A picture tells a thousand stories, especially one that is shared, wrlte the memories of it down, then when you return to it, you add a little more. Finally you have something to share or show to your grandkids, we have a book called 'Granddad and Nan did this' my husband who has vascular dementia spend hours telling the stories of WHEN.... sometimes it is not quite right, but no one puts him straight and he just enjoys being centre stage for awhile!

  • Many people can read more easily when a colour filter is laid over the print. For example yellow or blue. I works for me reading a monitor if I highlight the print.

    Worth a go!

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