Short term memory lose

Hi I was wondering if I could ask for some advised please. My husband got very confused today for no reason at all, he is 69 and in very got health for is age. He was out in the garden cutting the edges of the grass with some sheers and I was upstairs tidy up, my husband came in and shouted me he sat on the stairs and started asking me who lived next door, what they looked like who they were etc etc, I answered his questions but he still couldn't remember after a few minutes he got back up and went towards the back door but shouted me to ask what he had been doing in the garden I thought he was joking but he completely forgot he had been cutting the grass it took at least 20 minutes to remember this, after this we both sat down and I made a nice cuppa. He has been feeling very fussy (his words) all afternoon but hasn't forgotten anything since early today. My question is would the sheering have but some strain on him? he has said his arm is hurting. Any help would be wonderful, from a worried wife x


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5 Replies

  • Go to your GP and ask about a referral to your local Memory Clinic. There are many things that can cause memory loss.

  • You must ask your GP. Some men won't go to the Dr, If he refuses ask the receptionist to make you an appointment but make it clear that you wan't to talk about your husband. It could be anything so don't think the worst.

    Good Luck.

  • My husband has similar events, he is 68.i discussed with my GP. Husband in denial won't go to memory clinic. Am working on persuading him to go to a memory specialist recommended.

  • It could be just a bit of confusion, if your worried about Dementia, you need to your GP, because before I was diagnosed with Dementia, I forgot appointments And went to my drs who in turn arranged appointments at my local mental health. I had 2ct scans the scans but they know what they are doing but go as soon as possible.

  • Wondering how things are now, as I have only just read your post? Confusion, memory problem and arm hurting would make me ring doctors !! Might be signs of stroke, talk to doctor.

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