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alzheimer's paranoia

Well where do I start .. Well my dad suffered heart failula 10 years ago but survived.

He won't see doctors anymore and is suffering diabetices that he won't let anyone manage including he's doctor.

Last five years have been horrendous with he's short term memory loss problems.

He as started getting paranoid THINKING we are moving stuff on purpose ITs geting near inposable to reason reassure him with OUT him throwing stuff about.

With he's heart condition doctors will not give him out to calm him down.

As anyone any advice on what to expect as he is becoming more restless agitated with possibility of him getting violent given he's epersodes.

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Sadly this will only progress. Have you tried talking to Alzheimer's Society?

The paranoia is only part of it. I gather this has been going on some time. One of the worries is harming himself in the process. Don't argue with him. There's no point. If you can leave him feeling happy - even if he cant remember why - it's a help. For instance, can you take him to lunch in his favourite pub occasionally? Talk about things from happier times. I know from experience this is difficult and hard not to get frustrated and angry yourself.

If you can intercept things he throws out, then you may be able to say later "found it" when he complains.


Hi cheers yer I have tried everything when I take him out he thinks people are going to harm him given he is vaunrable HAVE tried everything all tricks.

Have been on Alzheimer's Society page and mostly the go on about drugs to settle them but doctors won't give my dad them becouse of he's heart condition.

Is a horrible disease I know it not my dad it's disease and that's what makes it so hard AM sure he would try patients of Saint.

Am going to see doctor tomorrow and ask what to expect and try to come up with a back up plan ... me and my mum would not like to see him go in home but if he starts to get violent with he's frustration agitated state what can we do if doctors won't give him meds to help is STREES

Is sickening talking about It .... I just hope we are doing right by him and not being unreasonable

Thanks for reply

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I was recently talking to someone in our local Hospital about the way they care for in patients. I'm not sure I can help much. Have you tried for instance a memory box and reminiscence therapy? They both help but only up to a point.

And don't forget to look after yourselves too. You mum's health, both mental and physical are important.

I wish you all the best.


Hi thanks for reply ... Sorry not replayed sooner had nasty infection.

Had look at links again SO been trying distraction AND seem to work ... As to health I do worry as I have chronic lung condition and my mum is mine my dads career.

Ad not like to leve my mum looking after him on her own as like you say can be hard.

Thanks for reply links giving us a fresh perspective ITs just my infection have to sort now.

Cheers thanks again :)

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You're welcome. And please don't do something we regularly lecture each other about. Don't waste precious energy beating yourself up about something you cant help. Save it for really important stuff. :)


You have to realise that you are ruining your lives, which are just as important as your dad's. There are no answers, clearly you have tried all you can and it's time to start thinking about getting your doctor to do the deed and you must content yourself with knowing that you have already gone through hell, you can do no more and you can still visit as often as you want to.

Take care of yourself, clearly it is time to move things along. You don't need to discuss anything with the doc, you just tell him that you can not cope anymore.