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Anybody else with Forster Fuchs' Retinal SPot

I use this site for info as it is the nearest I have been avle to find for the above condition - many of the symptoms are similar - has anyone had experience of Forster Fuchs'? I would REALLY like to talk to a fellow sufferer . The hospitals words after diagnosis were- Well nothing we can do best just get on with life!

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Hi Staplers, I am writing from the Macular Society. We have very occassionally come across people with FF - but cannot put you in touch with anyone at this moment.However if you contact us on the Helpline Tel No: 0300 3030 111 we can offer you support, send you some information and put you in touch with other younger people with similar dystrophies. we also offer anyone with a macular condition who wishes to have it, free telephone counselling.



I've belatedly come across your comments on the forum. I've also got a Forster Fuchs' Retinal Spot and was also told to just get on with it.

It was very difficult to find any information at first. I took a while before I realised it was liked to macular degeneration and from there to the Macular Society.

Even now, four years on, I'm still unclear about the retinal spot, even after I asked a consultant at one of the charity's events.

But, what I can say, is that the initial bleeding in my affected eye cleared after about two months. My eyesight in that eye has stayed unchanged since. That could be luck, it could be eating spinach twice a week or it could be about to get worse.

I don't think there's a simple answer but I certainly hope I don't get the same problem in my other eye because my damaged vision is annoying but has not changed my life.

It does seem strange, though, a condition which was identified in the late 19th century seems so hidden.


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