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We also provide help and support to everyone affected by macular disease through our helpline on 0300 3030 111. Our helpline team offers friendly advice to thousands of families; you can also email the helpline at:

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I have dry macular degeneration in my right eye had this for 6 years. At the moment the other eye is ok so i can see quite well. My only problem is i have trouble reading at night even when its large print. I usually read better in the garden or with a good light during the day.

I was wondering how long i can expect my vision to stay stable im 62 years old.


Hello Eternal,

Sorry for delay in replying.

Yours is a question often asked to our helpline and I am afraid that there is no exact answer. Even an optometrist or ophthalmologist would find it hard to predict the future until he/she has seen you a couple of times and compared the retinal scans or photos of your retina/macula between the two visits.

Some people report a severe deterioration in their sight 2 or 3 years after diagnosis, others do not see a deterioration after 10 years or more!

As for reading at night, as we get older our night vision does deteriorate; this is normal. Good lighting is very important, as you have found out.

Best wishes


Macular Disease Society


Finally find my way here. A bit surprised no information about the forum is given in either the membership pack or the member's area of the Macular Society website


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