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Blood shot eye after injection

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Has anyone experienced a blood shot eye after their injection. I had My second shot of eyelea yesterday and noticed my eye is bloodshot. I have no pain and vision is still fairly clear with the gray circle in the middle of my vision. Thank you.

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Yes, it can happen. I have had it and it takes a few days before it goes. It is not a problem but the first time it happened to me I rang the eye clinic helpline who reassured me

Thank you. It had me worried.

I almost always get a bloodshot eye….no pain. I usually takes 3-4 days to go away.Ask your doctor to inject LOW, and the bloodshot will not be so noticeable.

Thank you for that information.

I had a bloodshot eye after my injection last week but she did tell me she had hit a blood vessel. Its still bloodshot a week later!

Thanks! good to know it could last that long. Had no clue what it was.

Hi Molly. Bloodshot eye is quite common after eye injections, it depends if they catch a blood vessel or not as they can't see where the blood vessels are. I've had it myself a couple of times but give it a few days and it should start to disappear.

Thank you. Makes me feel better.

Make sure you tell the clinic about it at your next injection though.

Yes, I will.

speaking of eyelea injections, is there a problem with longterm causing scarring?

I have no idea. Will ask My Dr. at next appt.

I’ve been having injections for 5 years and did ask this before lockdown and can’t remember the answer! I think the answer was that it doesn’t as I’m not unduly worried! And btw I’ve had few bloodshot eyes but one injector suggested it was more likely I was on blood thinners and last week I was told it was because they can’t avoid the very small blood vessels. Personally I think it’s when I move my eye before the injections finished and let’s face it it’s often difficult to maintain that stare!! Best of luck with future injections... one of my eyes is so dry now that it’s being injected every 16 weeks!

Hi there as said already it can happen but there is really nothing to worry about they def look worse than they are it’s just a bruise in the eye it will heal all ok they just hit a vessel with the needle which is difficult to avoid when you can’t see them.

Thanks for your reply. Everyone is so helpful.

Yes I’ve had many injections and bloodshot every time.If you think about it logically, someone sticking a needle in your eye would tend to make it bloodshot.

Thanks, this is my 4th shot and first time it's happened. Next time I'll know not to get scared.

Yes, it can happen. This is my 22nd injections and I had couples of blood shots severally after the procedure. Be rest assured it will become normal again. Mine returned to normal within 3 days though. In as much you are not experiencing pains, discharge or other symptoms be rest assured the redness will disappear.

Wishing you the best.

- Coslads

Thank you. I was switched from avastin to eyelea and it happened with that.

I was being treated with eyelea since the beginning.

Have you noticed an improvement?

Yes, lots of improvements.

Depends on Injector...Started 5 1/2 years ago...First 5 shots were with "Fellows" (not quite docs)...mixed bag of problems incl bloodshot eye...Asked for Retina Doc who did they're own fantastic Doc for last 51 injections and NOT 1 BLOOD SHOT EYE ! As I said "Depends" on skill & technique of Injector. I saved my good eye with eye vitamins (AREDS2) and baby kale smoothie every day for lunch. ...SAVE YOUR GOOD EYE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! This is the first one I have had. I take Areds 2. I know kale is good for eyes but don't like it. Maybe in a smoothie it would be better. I'll try it!

Not regular kale, but a hand full of BABY KALE and 1 red bell pepper and 1 cup of WILD blueberries blended in a veggie health drink, cant use water, stuff wont stay suspended - chances are your good eye will ALSO go bad !!!...unless you get SERIOUS and save it - by saving your good eye it will OVER-compensate for the bad one and your total vision will be GREAT !!!!! Stop making excuses ! You life will be HE LL if you lose your PRECIOUS good eye!! And keep up the Preservision AREDS2.......

Ok I will try it. I can use almond milk . I have lots of blueberries.

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