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Swollen eyelid after Eylea injection

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I had my first Eyelea injection 14 days ago and this last week my eyelid has been stiff, swollen and uncomfortable. I should have my next injection in a fortnight but am worried I won’t be given it now. This is disappointing as I feel there there has been a slight improvement in my sight.

Any suggestions that would help soothe my eye other than cotton wool soaked in warm water.

Any help welcome. TIA.

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Hi, contact your eye clinic today .

They should have given you a contact number for any problems post inj.

Whatever you have is not usual post inj though may not be anything to worry unduly about. Best be on the safe side though especially as you have another inj coming up. Hope you get it sorted.

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Mrdg in reply to eyesright

Thanks. I will do that.

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Bcreek in reply to Mrdg

If they use iodine to clean the eye get them to stop same thing happen to me, got them to stop iodine and no problem

Go to eye casualty or ring them and see what they say

good luck

My advice is to call your eye clinic and explain your concern. Ask them to examine your eye. If it is a mild infection insist on having an antibiotic ointment. If more serious they ought to know.

Best wishes


I agree with eyesright. Did they not tell you to do this if you had any problems afterwards? Let us know how you get on. Good luck.

I have had an eye infection which resulted in a lump on my eyelid for several weeks. This was last year and they wouldn't do injections for nearly three months as it took me ages to get rid of it. Bathing it with cotton balls soaked with quite hot water helped me but I also suffer with blepharitis so I bathe my eyes every day using blethapads which you can get from Boots. Also you should go to your GP as they can prescribe antibiotic cream. Do hope it calms down soon.

Thanks everyone.

I wrote a long email about my visit to the clinic yesterday but it disappeared unfortunately. I am now too tired to re-write it all.

My swollen eye had nothing to do with the injection. But a male nurse gave me his dinner hour and spent a very long time treating the problem and gave me another appointment in two weeks.

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eyesright in reply to Mrdg

Hope it all works out OK.

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springcross in reply to Mrdg

I absolutely hate losing emails etc that you spend ages on only for it to disappear before your eyes unsent. I'm glad your eye has been treated and I hope it will not interfere with your next injection. Good luck.

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Mrdg in reply to springcross

Thanks Springcross.

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springcross in reply to Mrdg

You're very welcome. Just had a thought about your long but disappeared email. Could it have ended up in the drafts folder? This has happened to me before - not always but sometimes. As I said, it's just a thought.


The same thing happened to me and I went to emerge,and they said they could do nothing,I had an appointment with my doctor mentioned it to her she sent my eye doc a fax telling them I had an allergic reaction to iodine,this last visit no iodine NO PAIN

Do not let them put iodine in your eye again !!

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