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Deteriating AMD following trips abroad

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Hi. I was warned I was showing signs of AMD some years ago,not surprising as my mother and grandmother and her sisters had it. Upto a couple o years ago no problems, had my anual check up in Feb 2016, new glasses and went on holiday abroad a couple of months later. I felt there was something wrong with my new glasses and went back and was retested and the deteriation had started in the intervening tiime. We tend to go abroad twice a year and each time there has been further deteriation, seems to plateau in between visits. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I am an otherwise healthy 81yr old, gratefull for the technology available to assist me which my mother/grandmother did not have. Thank you. Adizz

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Dear Adizz

You are fortunate to have lived to 81 without AMD! Mine was diagnosed at 55 and I am now 68. My eyesight is still good though right eye turned into Wet MD. Upside, wet is treatable with monthly injections.

At the thought of losing my eyesight in the future, everyday of sight is precious to me.

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Adizz in reply to Melene

Hi Melene

Thank you for your reply. Trust me I know how lucky I am that MD didn't develope earlier. My mother died at 80 and hers had been bad for a number of years., altho she had been a heavy smoker most of her life which didn't help. My gran, who was a non smoker like myself

started to feel the effect in her 80s also - she lived to 91 so if I'm taking after her i've a bit to go yer!!

I asked the question to see if flying had affected anyone else or if it's just coincidence. Best Regards.

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Melene in reply to Adizz

I fly occasionally and this doesn’t seem to affect my eyes.

Hope the Degeneration slows down for you so that you keep your eye sight for many more years. Let us know!

Dear Adizz glad that you still are managing well eye sight is so pressures not matter what age mum's eye sight went worse at 84 she is 87 now and she keeps telling me that's ok ..comparing with her am now 56 I always had eye problems and diagnosed with myopic macular at 50 ...I've heard that flying might cause some issues with eye problems for examples it dries out my eyes so badly (despite using lubricating eye drops )that I can t have my contact lenses and am so partially sighted ..also heard that it can cause problems with eye pressure ....not though sure about all these ...hope u keep going glad u can use technology despite yr age and eye problems and good to have you here ..wishing you all the best 👍

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Adizz in reply to kyrp

Thank you Kyrp Due a visit to the optician in the New Year so see what she has to say on the subject. I do think there's a connection, in my case anyway because the difference before and after a trip is quite marked. Better stay home! Only snag my partner is a sun worshipper tho I stick to shade and wear wraparound sun glasses on top of reactolites. I also think I'm on my IPad too much which probably doesn't help!

Best wishes for 2019.

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Birdseyeview in reply to Adizz

Hello.. I’m fairly new to this. I had nearsightedness since I was 21. Then had lasik in my 30’s and again in my early 40’s. Unfortunately my eyesight still deteriorated. I had cataract surgery two years ago and had been troubled with blurred vision for the last 6 months. I went to the eye doctor and he seemed alarmed so he sent me back to my optometrist who preformed secondary cataract surgery as I had scarring. He sent me to a Retina specialist who told me I had significant pigment change and have wet macular degeneration in both eyes but the right is worse. He gave me my first eyelea injection two weeks ago and I go for another in January. So far I don’t see much improvement and am hoping with the 2nd injection I will see a difference. This all happened very fast and my brain has not caught up to this news. I am still optimistic as I am only 56. The rapid bed of my eyesight deterioration is what I fear. I hope things get better for you. 🙂

Hi Adizz, I am 71 and have been flying to Portugal 2/3 times a year for the last 15years. I developed wet AMD about 5years ago and started injections of Eylea immediately. I first noticed the condition while I was in Portugal and visited the opticians as soon as I returned. Although my sight has suffered I can still see quite good I’m not sure if I would be allowed to drive as I can’t read number plates at the required distance, I therefore don’t drive any longer. With regard to what you were asking I don’t think my eyes have become worse because of flying but I obviously can’t be sure of that. I have researched the condition a lot and have taken the AREDS2 supplements ever since I was diagnosed and wear good sunglasses and a peak cap when out in the sunshine. I hope that helps a little.

Good luck for the future.

Regards 3buoys

Thank you for your replies. Looking back I see that I didn't say that I have the dry MD. Hopefully it will remain as that. I find close work the most difficult, can't read newsprint so read the paper on line so I can magnify it. Shopping not really a pleasure but if I can't see what I need or the price I just ask whoever is nearest but its exhausting ( or is that age !) I was told a year ago to stop driving and I do miss it - now I am the worst back seat driver ever!!

Best Wishes.

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