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Strange feeling in eye


Just back from check up after last months eyelea injection.

I've been told that the strange sensation of a cloudy pool moving round my eye is a vitreous detachment probably triggered by the last injection. I have been prescribed Maxidex drops to help clear up the problem.

Has anyone experienced a vitreous detachment and did it last a long time. I cannot have any more injections until this problem is sorted out.

Look forward to your comments.

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Hello RP1944

Vitreous detachment is a very common condition. Most people are not even aware of it happening. The vitreous gel that keeps the eye in shape tends to shrink as we get older and draws away from the retina. Sometimes, the fine fibres that attach the gel to the retina do not all break and thus pull on the retina, which is called traction. This is what happened to me but they freed themselves within a few months. But, unlike you, I had no symptoms of all this happening and the injections were continued as normal. We are all different and our bodies react differently.

If the fibres do not break they can cause a macular hole or even retinal detachment, which needs to be treated immediately.

Hope all goes well for you.

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Thank you ayayay for your reply. Hopefully it sorts itself out as its impairing my vision and is annoying. The things we get!! We certainly all react differently, an interesting journey!!

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