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Mising avistin, and my old doctor


I recently moved and had to switch doctors for injections. We always used avistin and it always had stopped the bleed and sometimes slightly improved my eye a bit. Since switching Dr. They have been using lustencis and gone against my wish to keep using avistin. Although they are basically the same they are not created equal to me

I've had my second shot and there has been no visible sign of calming the bleed. I am even more light sensetive than before and my bad eye is driving me literally insane.

I'm scheduled for my third injection tomorrow and I'm tempted to find another Dr or klinik does anyone else ever feel like some doctors don't care? I'm 29. I'd prefer not to be legally blind so early in life

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I'm so sorry Annzzz. Have you talked to the Macular Society, Helpline 0300 3030 111? (macularsociety.org). Make a fuss at your clinic visit; write to the Trust. Tell them exactly what you've told us. Be insistent. Don't take no for an answer. I wish you the very best.


This is unusual, normally, Lucentis appears to be the drug of choice for AMD but if Avastin which is much cheaper than Lucentis and works why would any doctor change?

Very definitely contact the Clinic and the Trust, the latter is paying for the much more expensive Lucentis. The cost could be 100x more depending on whether the Avastin is a standard injection or taken from a bulk ampoule.

There do seem to be some died in the wool practices in the medical profession which defy logic. “We have always done it this way and we will continue. We know better than the patient”


Just another thought, are you in a position to travel back to your original doc? You have patient choice, see the info on the NHS site. I travel 2hrs each way every month for my injections, have done for 10yrs. I also make an overnight journey every 6 months for scans. I do it because I know I am getting the very best treatment and attention.


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