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Help please


Hi I am 51 and was told at a recent routine eye test that I have minute drusen in the macular in both eyes. The optician said not to worry and they will check it again at the next test next year. It’s to small that he can’t tell whether it’s hard or soft. So of course I went home and started googling and have now got myself into a right state so that I can’t sleep or eat through worrying. Can anyone please offer any advice who has maybe had the same problem?

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Same thing happened to my sister this week :(

Sorry to hear that, it’s worrying, I hope she will be ok

Me too I will keep u updated thank you

I presume your optician did a photograph and/or OCT. Many people have drusen which stay stable for decades. The fact they are minute is good. Try not to worry. Your optician will monitor you.

Just a question - would you have preferred that your optician not tell you or that they have?

Beposotive in reply to wheezyl

Yes he showed me a photo on a screen. I am trying not to worry and have calmed down a bit now. It’s just that it’s in both eyes and the location that scares me. The optician said that it is unusual at my age and more common in old age.

I suppose it’s better to know as he said I can wear sun glasses and eat plenty of green vegetables which may help. Thanks for your reply 😊

Speak to the Macular Society helpline. Hopefully they can put your mind at ease.

Beposotive in reply to eyesright

Ok will do thank you.

Please see your GP and get referred to an eye hospital consultant who will determine

what stage your eye condition is and if treatment needs starting he will no doubt

do so. Please do not leave this condition be it very faint for another year.

I had the same experience but I went and saw my GP he referred me to eye hospital

and with a week I was given the necessary treatment for Macular Degeneration

I have the wet one. Hope my advice to you is of any help.

Beposotive in reply to akwalsall

Hi thanks for the advice. The macular helpline gave me some numbers for specialists at Moorfields today. I am going to phone Monday to get a private appointment, hopefully should be quicker than going through GP

Dear beposotive,

I believe you may in fact have rung the Macular Society Helpline earlier.

If this is not the case, and you want more information about drusen, be reassured that it sounds as if this has been detected very early, and may not cause problems for many years yet.

However, only someone medical who has examined your eyes can make the best judgment.

If you want more information about how to help yourself in promoting eye health, please contact us via our website link and we can advise you.

With all best wishes for your future,

The Macular Society

Were you given an Amsler chart to test for any distortion of lines. Apparently you can have drusen for years and especially after 'a certain age' most do. Whether it develops into anything is hard to predict. My optician sent letter to my doc to refer me as my brothers have AMD (sisters not!) and my first test was clear but a few months later I developed AMD in left eye which is being treated very successfully. Trouble with Dr Google is you do see worst case scenarios - but speak to your doc if worried, get a chart and meanwhile if you smoke, give that up, eat loads of dark green leafy veg which is healthy anyway and sunglasses are always good. Best wishes!

Thanks for your reply I went to Moorfields today and was told by a lovely doctor that my eyes are healthy and it’s not uncommon to have minute drusen as getting older, so I feel better now.

Sorry it seems you're not of a certain age (!) but then optometrists have more sophisticated gear and can detect things better and earlier. There are also supplements such as Macushield (a cheaper alternative is available) .

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