My injections

Hi all had my eighth injection in my left eye & my third in my right eye last Thursday the doctor at watford general hospital who did the injections said as this was the third injection in my right eye if I wait a couple of weeks I could go to my opticians to get some new lenses the ones I have are only about 9months old but my distance glasses everything is blurred and my reading glasses I have to use a strong magnifying glass and bright light to the rear of my right shoulder he also informed me my left eye is gradually getting better hopefully may only need a few more injections in my left fingers crossed

Spotty to hear about other members having problems hope they to can get some good results cheers everyone all the best for 2017 AL.GEE.

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  • I don't know how spotty got on there should be

    Sorry to hear that's macular for you

  • Hi algee. That sounds very promising. So glad for you. It is always good to hear some positive news once in a while to give us all some hope, although I suppose it all depends on each individual's eye condition. I hope all goes well for you and if your new specs, if you get them, are working for you.

  • Hi Algee. Positive news is always good to hear. Thank you for sharing. I was hoping for a miraculous instant recovery after my first injection a week ago. I wake every morning and check if I can see any better than when I went to sleep. I must stop closing my good eye all the time at work. People will think I am winking at them.

  • Great news Algee x

    Yep, worth getting new specs if you can afford them (my Dr told me not to bother for a year but I ignored and glad I got new ones).

    I got reactolite ones which saved having to get prescription sunglasses too. FYI I got mine from asda opticians, very good reaction time and good value (same optician who spotted my eye prob).

    Have you seen the self adjustable specs? They are about £80 online. You can adjust each eye separately. Obviously not varifocal each lens so would have to adjust for near or far but I am thinking about getting a pair for reading whilst my vision is still not stable, just got to check the prescription range they cover.

  • Hi everyone thanks for all your replies good to hear from people I've had dry macular for about 11yrs the last 18months it's been wet on top of that after a blood test about 2wks ago my G.P. Tells me my sugar is slightly raised indicating I may be heading for type 2 diabetis have to have eye screening in a special clinic and put on one tablet a day and start changing my diet agh well win some lose some

  • good that you have the warning re diabetes as you can eat differently and head off any extra eye issues. Hope all goes well- I've had excellent help on here re injections which start on Feb 10th, all quite scary!!

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